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  1. Vortex Tunnel new never used

    Hi, Is the tunnel still available? I'm in California; can't tell where you're out of.
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    Jay Juneau is alive and well

    Hey Jay,

    Just enjoyed a long talk with you on the phone. I understand you are going crazy trying to finish orders and I am just one of your many projects. Thank you, thank you for the...
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    Jay Juneau has disappeared.

    Jay, just call me as you promise and be honest with me. (You called a month ago, not two weeks ago, promising to call me the next Friday for a delivery route from San Francisco.) Seems like...
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    Can't find Jay Juneau

    Sorry for your dilemma. Mine is worse. I am into him for $3,000.00 for a product that we contracted to be delivered in May 2013. A couple of phone calls, but now the cell is unanswered, the emails...
  5. sent you a PM

    sent you a PM
  6. Looking for walls

    Got any of the 4 X 8 walls left?
  7. Looking for pics

    Hi Karen,
    I am one of the ones you responded to. Sent you a PM, but still no pics. I see your asking price, but really need to know what it includes. Saw the video, but looks pretty blank (I know...
  8. Karen, how's it going?

    No reply yet. Sure like to know what you have and what you're asking.:confused:
  9. Pics and Price?

    Sent you a PM.:confused:
  10. WTB a Vortex Spinning Tunnel or Black Hole on the West Coast

    Hey Engineering Dudes,
    Know of anybody with a used spinning walk-through tunnel that needs a new home? I'm on the California coast and dread the shipping fees or gas cost to drive to the East Coast...
  11. Still selling the Black Hole? No response to messages.

    Contacted you several times at your address but you aren't taking any more messages and your web page is still on hold. :confused:
  12. Getting the tunnel to CA

    Have seen a couple of spinning tunnels and this paint job sounds astonishing; can't see well in the video though.
    Any thoughts on shipping costs to California?
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