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    A Must For Your Closet

    Prepare to woo all of your friends with “The Most Fun You’ve Ever Had In Your Car!” t-shirt! This Hanes t-shirt is made of 100% high quality, preshrunk cotton. To add to your comfort, this t-shirt is...
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    Louisville Danger Run 2009

    The Danger Run has recently completely re-designed its website dangerrun.com. It includes an enormous amount of new features including buying Danger Run tickets online! It has a spooky new design...
  3. Louisville's Favorite Haunted Opens In Only 2 Weeks!

    This week has been a big week for the Danger Run. We have confirmed all of the clues & courses (yet again) and sent the clues off to the printers. We also received the hundreds of thousands (actually...
  4. Louisville Area Haunted Event Only 1 month away!

    The greatest Halloween events in the nation is now on the horizon. We are within a month of the Danger Run’s opening night. We recently finished writing all the clues and we will be driving courses...
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    One of our customers opinions...

    Just wanted to show you all what one of our customers thought of our event last year. I came across this just doing a random search and I have asked the author if I could show it off. With her...
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    Halloween 2008 Woes

    Fellow Danger Runners,

    I know that the recent spikes in gas have been a major concern for everyone, not to mention the economy isn't exactly at it's strongest. The last thing we want you to do is...
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    A haunt comparable to no other

    This haunting season is shaping up to be one of the SCARIEST EVER! The Danger Run is bringing you 2 NEW haunted houses never before featured on the Danger Run! They are by far the most powerful...
  8. Only conceptual

    As a designer, I suppose I far from agree with Greg. These drawings are somewhat symmetrical, but not nearly as much as you lead the reader to believe. If you look a bit more closely at the drawings,...
  9. Louisville Famous Haunt Opens FRIDAY!!

    Hello there haunt Lovers and Ghost Runners!

    We are only 4 days away from the return of Louisville's Favorite Halloween Event. Now in our 13th year of fear, the Danger Run is about to make one of...
  10. FREE VIP Treatment At Kentucky and Southern Indiana Ghost Run

    Hello Haunt Go-ers,

    We are just a few weeks away from the greatest year that Halloween has ever seen! We have LOTS in store for you! Make sure you check out our Virtual Run and end it to all of...
  11. The Halloween Ghost Run Is Quickly Approaching

    Dear Haunt World Lovers!

    Your ghost host at the Danger Run here to say hello and hope that you had a wonderful Labor Day! I am sure that it was better than ours here at the Danger Run because we...
  12. Get Published In Kentucky Haunt Clue Writing Contest

    Hello Everyone!

    Wanted to let you know of our newest promotion recently updated on the website. How many times have you cursed the seemingly sadistic guy writing the twisted Danger Run clues? ...
  13. Updates on Haunted Ghost Run in Kentucky

    Hello Haunters and Screamers,

    Wanted to let you all know that we are driving the ghost run courses for the final time and checking all of the clues for accuracy. This year's maze of streets is...
  14. Danger Run Haunted Ghost Run Clues Are Complete!

    Just wanted to update all of you. All of the 2007 clues have now been written! For those of you that don't know, creating the courses and writing the clues for this haunted event is a major hurdle to...
  15. Louisville Haunted Attraction FREE Online Game - Pretty Cool!

    Hey everyone! Wanted to tell you about a free online haunt game on a Louisville Halloween attraction website. It is really high quality and a lot of fun! It is basically letting you play a haunted...
  16. Haunted Road Rally in Louisville Kentucky with Two Haunted Houses!

    The Danger Run is a Halloween-themed road rally (a.k.a. “Ghost Run”), and the largest and most popular event of its kind anywhere in the world right in the heart of Louisville, KY! It’s a unique,...
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