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  1. Is it real?

    I saw the video and instantly thought of this forum, but after watching it a few more times I started to wonder if it is real or viral. I would think that coming from something like LG, where they...
  2. Thread: Road Trip

    by Bubballama

    Talon Falls

    I've been to Talon Falls and it is a sweet haunt. Lots of interesting scenes throughout then entire haunt. It's been a couple years since I've been there, but the bus scene was one of my favorites....
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    I Gotta Get Down There

    Seriously awesome stuff. I just watched the centipede episode of "Making Monsters" and that thing was wicked. I've been dying to get down to Netherworld for two years now, but I've replanned my...
  4. Entertaining

    For those of us who can't work in the industry yet, this could be the next best thing to being in the attraction and seeing people get scared.
  5. Creepy

    Very cool video. That just shows how good those scenes are at 13th Gate. You can film a short like this and it looks like the real sewer.
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    Penhurst as seen on America Haunts

    WOW...fist post, but the Penhurst place in Penn will be amazing and huge. There will need to be a lot of work done, but holy crap...there won't need to be that much done, just good actors and good...
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