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  1. Hangman Animatronic Prop - NEW - $1000 + Shipping!!!!

    Animatronic hangman, designed and built by Haunted House creations. Have all your neighbors wondering what a sick f__k you are, or use it for your pro haunt! I am putting this up at FIRE SALE...
  2. Nightscream... Different owners? Different panel designs?

    I did a search of the forum before posting this to see if it was discussed before.... but did Nightscream studios change hands? their website is different, they seem to be focusing mostly on VF...
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    what the hell is a haunted house barge?

    "Lake Michigan full of zombies after haunted house barge partially sinks"
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    Yeah larry, whats all this actually worth...

    Yeah larry, whats all this actually worth resale/used? Especially since the buyer has to remove it all LOL.
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    animatronic hangman / tortured - BRAND NEW

    I have a custom made "hangman" prop designed by haunted house creations. This prop is brand new, paid $3000 for it. It comes with the sensor, pneumatics, controller. Just add an air compressor and...
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    Zombies for sale!

    Its a whole horde of zombies for sale:

    Info, pricing, photos at http://www.hauntedhouse.ca/propsforsale.php

  7. Hey All! I was looking forward to the show and...

    Hey All!

    I was looking forward to the show and enjoyed watching it, BUT..... Haunted Overload does an amazing job, absolutely amazing, great show, great use of materials, no doubt, BUT........ In...
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    Ummm..... hayrides SHOULD be inspected and held...

    Ummm..... hayrides SHOULD be inspected and held to the same standards as carnival rides. Saying anything difference implies the possibility for cut corners, and in these two stories, severe injury
  9. Question For Hayride Owners - Hayride Equipment

    Hey Guys,

    I am trying to figure out the best and most cost effective solution for hayride equipment. Equipment being the trailer to hold the passengers, and the vehicle to pull said trailer.
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    Yeah larry its Rodney, he tried to sell them to...

    Yeah larry its Rodney, he tried to sell them to me earlier this year....
  11. sold

    Thanks all! These are now sold.
  12. FS: 3D panels, chromadepth blacklight panels

    Hey Guys,

    I have 4 panels for sale, they are made by the artists at Stuartism design (http://www.stuartizm-online.info/extreme3D.htm). All hand painted/ airbrushed, reactive blacklight paint,...
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    Wanted: U70 Monkeys + Distortions Buford

    Hey All!

    Anyone have Unit 70 monkeys (http://products.unit70.com/showimage.asp?img=http://www.unit70.com/propimages/Monkeysb.jpg)


    A Distortions Buford for sale...
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    Thanks all for the replies, I just ordered one...

    Thanks all for the replies, I just ordered one from Ghost Ride.
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    Hey Kevin, Let me ponder that one. I was...

    Hey Kevin,

    Let me ponder that one. I was hoping for something less costly (used). What would the lead time be on it? I need it in a few weeks.
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    WANTED: Autopsy body prop

    Hey Guys

    I need a somewhat realistic autopsy body prop, im open to no gore / gore, female or male. If you have something available, let me know and post a pic here!
  17. Good stuff :-)

    Good stuff :-)
  18. Props, zombie stuff, haunt promo vehicle parts

    Hey Guys

    I have a bunch of misc stuff for sale:

    Zombie Kit - Custom Made - Metal Enclosure, About 17x14x3.5" - $160
    Zombie Decapitating Rake - Custom made of out real aluminum - $180
    2 Ammo...
  19. Sold

    SOLD! Thank you!
  20. Still for sale! These are still for sale, price...

    Still for sale! These are still for sale, price reduced to $160 including shipping
  21. Thanks everyone for support!

    Thanks everyone for support!
  22. Hey Larry, I would say no, I have followed...

    Hey Larry,

    I would say no, I have followed kickstarter for a while, and haven't seen any haunt projects, a few zombie related or horror related products, but nothing haunt related. I will likely...
  23. My Kickstarter Project - Launched Today, And I Need Your Help!

    Hello Fellow Haunters!

    I am pretty proud to announce that I just launched my first Kickstarter project today and its Haunted House Related! I started building the moulds for these kits 3 months...
  24. FS: LED Lighting / Mini Spotlights + Mini Audio Amps

    Hey All,

    I have some brand new, never used LED lighting. The photo below shows all of it.

    (12) 1W Cool White LED (could put filter/gel on them to color) - Also good for emergency...
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    There are a couple of different options i would entertain
    1. Taking a non refundable deposit and holding it for you for a month or so
    2. Taking part of the payment (or even half) by credit card,...
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