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    Metro Detroit

    We always need more haunts in Metro Detroit
    Congrats man
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    Was it worth it?

    Well from what I'm seeing I'm not sure if it was worth opening up on or before Friday the 13?
    We can all say that it was a good dry run to see how the haunt would run but there wasn't enough...
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    Justifying Ticket Price?

    Hear In Michigan haunts did not do well last year. So my Question is how you set you ticke price?
    I see a haunt hear in Pontiac MI is asking $28.00 for two haunts plus parking these haunts only take...
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    Lets just say!

    Lets just say there is only haunt in Pontiac MI that says you can win double your money back if you defeat the wizard (HA HA HA HA HA HA HA) oh did I say that?

    Good luck finding the wizard
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    I hear

    I hear even the haunts around Pontiac are down too.
    But I was thinking it may be the price of one and the gimmick at the other one.
    The bars have been do well with the Tigers playing. There has...
  6. Never wanted it

    I never wanted the stuff. I looked at at the pics from last year for a haunt owner and talked with you about the haunt you were selling some of the stuff you had would have worked for the haunt they...
  7. Just My opinion

    My opinion on the stuff you are selling now
    Is you asking way too much.trying to get over a 3rd of what you where willing to take for the turn key haunt and are only selling a few of the items that...
  8. Last year

    You are the guy that had the dark ride haunt yes or no?
    You sold the ride and were trying to sell the rest as a turn key haunts last year?
  9. 12,000,00 is a bit high

    $12,000,00 for that you were going to sell your haunt to us for under $28,000.00 last year.??????
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    The more the merrier!

    We always welcomed other haunts and if you had extra flyers we would pass them out at our ticket booth.
    We would also let other haunters go thru for free.:D
  11. Looking for Gig in the Metro Detroit Area!

    I am looking for a gig in the Metro Detroit area.
    I have over 16 years of Haunted House experience. My experience is in design,build,set-up / tear down,Animatronics,lighting/sounds,prop...
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