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  1. New Updated Photos

    Check out http://spookywoods.com/spookywoods-mansion.htm
  2. Haunted Manor - Escape Game

    We decided to get double use out of this manor and now it will be our 3rd Escape Game. Escape the Haunted Manor will be a scary multi room game that will be open during day year round and part of...
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    I just read over my policy and this is what my actors were classified as 9016. (5.03 is the rate)

    9016-0 AMUSEMENT OR RECREATIONAL FACILITIES – N.O.C. – all employees other than those engaged...
  4. Regulations

    Since you asked, I'll give you some insight on permitting in my area. We are on a 60 acres farm that was outside the city limits until we built the zipline tour. Since we wanted to be open year...
  5. Update July 26th

    More photos and a video posted of the latest progress.
  6. Mansion Entrance

    This is the entrance to our 50,000 square foot outdoor maze. The theme takes them through the house and down to the cellar which will be back outside and through the graveyard. Then the theme...
  7. Updated Photos

    The Mansion is starting to get some height!

    Check out the page at http://spookywoods.com/spookywoods-mansion.htm
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    Zipline Safety

    On our commercial zipline tour safety is priority one, and having a guest carry anything in hand to distract them is just asking for trouble. Sounds cool, but not worth the risk in my mind. We...
  9. Kersey Valley Spookywoods 30th Season - Mansion Facade Build

    I never dreamed the haunted house I started on a dare in 1985 at the age of 15 would turn out to be part of a family of attractions on our farm 30 years later! We wanted to build a new face to the...
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    Escape Rooms

    We are about to open our first one in a couple of weeks and another one in April. As far as how much space it depends on how you want to set it up. We have a starting room, a control room and then...
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    Brett click on this link: Text Marketing...

    Brett click on this link: Text Marketing
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    Text Marketing - It Works!

    This season is my 30th year in business with Spookywoods haunted attraction, so I've tried everything over the years. With smartphones in just about everyone's pocket text marketing is prime for our...
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    Zombie debate

    I was planning a zombie run next Summer and decided to cancel the event due to seeing this trend playing out, then I noticed the main company doing national zombie runs announced going out of...
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    Corn Maze!

    Back in 1999 I planted 10 acres corn and figured how hard can it be to make a maze. That's the same way people think about haunted houses that think we work one month a year and make millions. That...
  15. Scream Park in June - Marketing A Haunt To Kids

    The sounds of screams in June fill the air at Kersey Valley. I'm having just as much fun watching these kids having a blast. What's even better is having the kids asking about Spookywoods and if...
  16. Larry, I like the photo shoot style, to me it...


    I like the photo shoot style, to me it gives a fresh look to the cover. I look forward to reading this issue about scream parks!
  17. Summer Day Camps Start

    The screaming of little kids will be starting for the season this Friday as our first summer day camp arrives. The two new jumping pillows are up and running as we just installed the sand around...
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    Top 13

    Thanks for the comments guys. This was our first hydraulic effect we ever attempted. It was a lot of fun to see people scream once it started to tilt. We seen more than one group exit the plane...
  19. Blame it on the tax man!

    Here in NC we are not required to pay amusement tax for tickets to our corn maze or our Zipline tour, however we are required to pay the state a 3% amusement tax on the haunted attraction tickets. ...
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    Plane assembly in Spookywoods

    After a very time consuming move, we finally got her onsite! Today we installed the mount onto the concrete pad and the cockpit was moved into the woods. See all the photos at this page. ...
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    Video production

    We ask our fans on Facebook to show up dressed in 40's style clothes. We had the city close down the main st and had a museum donate the use of the cars. Everyone in the shoot are fans and got a...
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    Spookywoods Promo Video 2012


    Promoting your haunt has become more of a challenge when competing for your haunt to stand out. We started making videos each year to keep our message fresh, this year it's all about...
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    Spookywoods Cargo Plane Build


    As we are all in the final stretch of build season I thought I would share some of what we have been up to. Scaring an entire group of guest has been our goal and doing it unexpectedly...
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    Attention all Claustrophobia Owners!

    Air Movers Recalled by EDIC Due to Fire Hazard

    I just noticed our air movers to our Claustrophobia are part of a recall that was just announced June 19th 2012. Do yourself a favor and check...
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    I first want to say how sorry I am for all the heart ache, frustration and all the mess this has caused our small industry. As most of you know Mark worked for me and I was blown away from his...
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