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  1. New project Secrets of Atlantis

    Check out this new project that I am working on with John Denley. Secrets of Atlantis will be a traveling muiti-media exhibit comprised of video and interactive displays including full size,...
  2. Plasti Dip and other materials

    I have a large lot of various chemicals and materials. See list below.

    -(4) 5 gallon buckets of Clear Plasti Dip by Performix $250 each
    -(24) 1 gallon buckets of Clear Plasti Dip by Performix...
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    Plasti Dip Uses?

    Anyone have any good uses in a haunt for Plasti Dip? I just came into a bunch of 5 gallon buckets of it, and am looking for some good ways to use it. Any thoughts?
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    Years ago I bought this gargoyle, and I cant remember where. I want to get more of them now, and I cant find them anywhere. Does this look familiar to anyone? Anyone know where I can buy them?
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    I always post on the craigslist wanted section that I am looking for foamboards. I usually get good responses because I dont mind it being used, dirty or weather. So a lot of times I am able to...
  6. Disney Haunted Mansion Animation Cell for sale

    I saw this on Craigslist, and thought someone here may be interested.


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    pneumatic drop window?

    Does anyone have a tutorial on how to build a pneumatic drop window? I have built the traditional actor operator windows for years and years now, but am looking to build an automatic version now,...
  8. Nice!

    Were these the guys from New Hampshire? They usually end up in Salem MA the last few weekends in October!
  9. Any haunters in Orlando want to get together for Universal Horror Nights this Thurs?

    Im on my way to Orlando for my honeymoon. Really want to check out this event, and my wife doesn't do haunted houses. Email me at themagicofjustinarrigo@yahoo.com if you are around!
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    Hanging spider victim bodies

    Looking to make some hanging spider victims. Working on a tight budget. They have to be hung from above, and they will be in a high traffic area, so people will be pushing them out of the way to...
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    Need some 3D paint tips!

    I have been doing some upgrades to my 3D haunt in Salem. I have built a large boat facade, and am working on a room covered in wood shingles and bricks. I normally have Stuart do the painting, but...
  12. Hauntworld The Magazine Issue #2 for sale on Ebay!

    Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hauntworld-Magazine-Issue-2-Halloween-Haunted-House-Alice-Coopers-Nightmare-/270952707389
  13. Any photos of them? Thanks! Justin

    Any photos of them? Thanks!
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    Glad everyone is finding this useful. Since it is...

    Glad everyone is finding this useful. Since it is a relatively new way to advertise, dont be afraid to try all kinds of things! This is basically all free advertising, so if you try something and it...
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    Facebook for haunts!

    I apologize in advance for the long message, but I am going to try to include some useful information that can help you out. Aside from a part time haunter in Salem MA, I also work for one of the...
  16. Rob zombie's new movie Lords of Salem

    So I was taking a walk thru and old cemetary in Salem last month, taking some pics of the old mauselums and grave stones, and while I was looking at this little chapel pictured below, a guy walked...
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    Thanks Brian. Is the built in 20w amp powerful...

    Thanks Brian. Is the built in 20w amp powerful enough to project a narritive vocal track so it is heard clearly? If so this is exactly what I need!
    Thanks again,
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    Audio Repeaters

    I am looking for some basic audio repeaters to connect to a motion sensor in each scene, so we can run a self guided tour during the off season at our 3d haunt. I have been looking online and have...
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    Editing Music

    If you have an audio editing program (I use Adobe Audition) you can create audio tracks with 2 seperate sounds, using the right channel for one sound, and the left channel for another sound, and get...
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    Pond Fogger Uses?

    Just curious if anyone has any creative uses for pond foggers? We are not allowed to use fog machines in our location, so I have to use these periodically to get a fog effect. They use nothing but...
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    Chauvet make a very unique laser web effect...

    Chauvet make a very unique laser web effect called the Cirrus. It mixes a red and green laser as well as a blue led to create a really cool feel, it is not a laser tunner, but this might work for...
  22. I was looking for an effect for my projector but...

    I was looking for an effect for my projector but havent been able to find it. I have seen an effect of running rats and mice, but can not find it for purchase online. There is one rats projection I...
  23. Looks good, do you have any videos if it in...

    Looks good, do you have any videos if it in action?
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    Motor Question

    I wanted to use a fright props motor to make a corpse hanging from a rope move up and down. I figured I could mount the motor to our rafters, connect an arm to the motor, and connect a wire to the...
  25. I don't think the Bad Boys sleep very much to...

    I don't think the Bad Boys sleep very much to begin with!
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