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  1. It's good to be the king!

    Nice stuff. What can we say, Larry, it's good to be the king. ;)

    Your "Building A Haunted House From Scratch" DVD looks like it will be good too. However, but I am saving my money for the...
  2. Gore Galore Freakenstein costume- Never used - $2500 - with Scream Cube

    Gore Galore Freakenstein costume. Anyone interested? $2500 or trade. Never used.

    Sorry for another listing, can't figure out how to edit heading on other listings.
  3. Your mailbox is too full...

    Your mailbox is too full. You cannot receive new emails.
  4. Somebody's got to have something cool to trade....

    Somebody's got to have something cool to trade.... Or maybe not.
  5. Hunh?

    Is this footage from a final product or a teaser reel like Sally Corp. makes for their up and coming projects?
  6. Apparently this is a dud costume nobody wants....

    But I will consider trades and best offers.
  7. Replies

    I emailed you...

    Heard nothing back.
  8. Yes, I will take offers!

    Yes, I will consider offers and trades!
  9. I emailed you here and at your site.

    I emailed you here and at your site.
  10. Mutants.

    I would call those mutants.
  11. For sale or trade: Gore Galore Freakenstein Giant Costume $2900 / OBO: Never used

    GORE GALORE Freakenstein costume is a couple years old, but never used, with Soundcube: Asking $2900 / OBO. Will consider offers and trades.


    I am...
  12. Reposted Reposted Reposted Reposted Reposted

    Reposted. Reposted.
  13. Set texture


    Sweet looking set. Are you texturing the wood with something prior to painting? Artificial stucco or something?
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    I left you a personal message.

    Please check your inbox.
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    Sounds like you already paid for them, but George Maser, who posts on here occasionally, supplies good quality airbags and fans and could probably have you one shipped out lickety-split. I bought one...
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    You are entitled to your opinion, I to mine.

    Hey Wicked,

    A friend, hunh? Sounded to me like you were speaking of at least two different situations / people and not just one. Your comment certainly puts a big question mark in my head as to...
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    Sad but true,,,

    I feel your pain.
  18. Thanks! I believe that was them.

    Thanks! I believe that was them.
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    Scare parts guy...

    The Scare Parts guy, Keith, is still in business, still making panels. He used to produce the panels for Nightscream, before Nightscream bought their own machine. You want to contact him?
  20. Not that....

    I am looking for the floor panels that lie on bearings and when you step on them they slide a few inches. Fright props sells one, but there was another group that was selling similar. Again, I think...
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    Living Statue

    I emailed you.
  22. Anyone know the new sliding floor panel vendor at Transworld?

    Anyone know the new sliding floor panel vendor at Transworld?

    I think they were from down south, and they had a 4 x 4 sliding floor panel, the kind with the horizontal shipping bearings and the...
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    What is the connection to Larry?


    You just excited by the movie coming out, or is there some other connection?
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    The title of one POLTERGEIST review was...

    The title of one POLTERGEIST review was... "What I remember about the Poltergeist movie remake before I fell asleep."
  25. Conventions

    My experience in general is that some people consider conventions a license to act up and that is not just with haunters, that is all conventions to some degree. I have seen it all the way up from...
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