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    new props ans air cannons sale

    check out www.hauntedpropstore.com for pics and prices under the products page call 864-934-6936
  2. barrel prop new sale 850.00 with sound

    new barrel prop with sound 850.00 go to www.hauntedpropstore.com for pics under products, call864-934-6936
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    here we go with more bull####. just like i was saying . anything you write on here or the trading post is going to get major cutdowns..... I was reffering to several post thats going on right now ,...
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    i do nightmare on pendleton with b 93.7 greenville haunted screampark for 98.1 and 107.3 jamz wssl wesc my102.5 also haunting of downtown greenville and several others. all in...
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    area haunts

    upstate s.c.
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    general chat observation

    You know . im a real honest opinionated person generally. but i try not to write or say things that effect other peoples product or business. If i think something is a bad idea or the price dont...
  7. all new barrel animatronic with extras

    all new granny barrel comes with programmed computer control. each time guest walk past granny, she pops up several times and blast them with air from her stomach. granny is latex foam filled ...
  8. air gun

    thanks for the info. we definitely have our own style being that i have not seen the others. thats ok.
  9. air gun yes its on the website under products

    its on the site under products
  10. check out our newest website with first ever actor air gun www.hauntedpropstore.com

    all new actor air gun . this totally blows away a regular air cannon, actor can tote air gun around with him. and it also turns into regular air cannon if needed. check this out send me some pms to...
  11. bolt for sale basically brand new 20 times used

    item is sold thanks
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    all new scair box air cannon

    2010 scair box air cannon . Built with safety protective case with metal grate front. just plug in and hook scair box to your air compressor. Sit scair box under coffins, under animatronics or in...
  13. bolt

    ok shes yours thanks
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    bolt and krazy kristen picture

    picture of the two for sale bolt -1500.00 krazy kristen- 1400.00
  15. bolt animatronic and krazy kristen 4 sale

    bolt like new used only a few times 1500.00 and krazy kristen 1400.00 use 20 nights . call 864-934-6936 or email rockandtiff@bellsouth.net
  16. air cannon

    i have already submitted for the liability on our props but the fact is any one including someone who never has built a prop before can get insurance because its all about money not the safety.. ...
  17. air cannon

    this is a professional air valve 145-150 max rating not a sprinkler valve.....
  18. air cannons

    we have been building props for 15 years never had any problems. the welding we do on the cannons are professional with a welding tech thats been welding for over thirty years. if you go by the psi...
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    krazy kristen

    i have one if you want to call me 864-934-6936
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    bolt animatronic almost new for sale

    only set off a few times . bolt animatronic.. 1500.00 deal i live in upstate s.c. you can pick it up or pay shipping. rockandtiff@bellsouth.net 864-934-6936 rocky
  21. air cannon

    high psi rated strickly for air, valve. some with 1/2 inch and some with one inch port
  22. This week only 170.00 air cannon shipped free

    This week only 5 gallon air cannon 170.00 free shipping to us . Ready to plug intanks ship painted black..... Show special call864-934-6936 or email rockandtiff@bellsouth.net
  23. investment

    I own 7 haunted houses and build haunts for radio stations 18 years experience i have several ideas for you call 864-934-6936 rocky elrod thanks
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    air cannon sale

    air cannons loud and strong . 80 to 120 psi . nice air valve, all you need is your air compressor. air cannons are ready to ship. 5 gallon cannons or 10 gallon. call 864-934-6936 or...
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    air cannons

    i build quality air cannons for 175.00 or cheaper if you buy more than one 864-934-6936 or rockandtiff@bellsouth.net
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