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  1. Transworld Haunt Show the early years (especially circa 1995)

    Hello I've been attending the Transworld Haunt Show at St. Louis since 2013 and I've been wondering what the haunt show used to look like in it's early days during the 90s and early 2000s especially...
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    Well perhaps one possibility for international...

    Well perhaps one possibility for international and diversity in the haunt industry which gives the people from the respective countries to explore their own mythologies/folklore without the need of...
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    International Haunts?

    Hello everyone...

    I was wondering if the Haunt industry or Haunted Attractions in general extend beyond the US like in Europe or East Asia for example although I'm aware that Canadian/Mexico/South...
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    80s/90s Nostalgia Haunted Houses

    I'm always fascinated about the history of haunted houses and especially during the 80s/90s which was apparently their heyday at time (well I heard that alot of them were in Amusement Parks at the...
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