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  1. Update.....what I received Sept 21

    I want to start out that Venoms stuff is great. The flickering light I ordered looked awsome at the show! Created that creep factor and great mood. And then being able to tie in a drop...
  2. Hmmmmmm....

    So they sent out the original order "long ago". But needed my address to ship to me this time.

    Wicked Farmer
  3. Yes don't look to scare haunters..

    Just do your role and do it good.

    My guys have been trying to get me to jump for 16 years. Some still try; most have given up.

    Wicked Farmer
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    My 16th year

    We pay actors at end of season as well. I pay construction crew part way through and end. At beginning of year there is a huge cash outlay for advertising and those new props. It will take...
  5. Part of problem...

    Was they changed phone numbers. Old phone number rang and I got a recorded message "user has not yet activated a voicemail..." or something similar. Giving me the impression I was being...
  6. We open our 2016 season ...

    in 45 minutes. But I wanted to jump back on here and say Venom VFX called me tonight. They say it shipped out long time ago. It is not here. we are talking again Monday morning. They are...
  7. A little too late for that...

    I used the number on his billing receipts. Credit card company simply will reverse charges since product not delivered and I open Friday. I tried calling the provided number on receipt ...
  8. Venom VFX No prop delivered...no answer

    Had to go dispute route today with Credit card company. No light ever came from a $800 order paid for in Macrh at Transworld with Visa card. When ever I call all I get is "something about "user...
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    If I am hit by geo fencing on my phone .....YOU JUST PISSED ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wicked Farmer
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    Hey Soutern Haunter...

    Been a couple years since I made trip to your place. Need to make a trip down this winter and do some more swapping. Anyway I'll tell you what we did. I use some 8 X8 or 8x12 shacks to put stuff...
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    Psssst tell them more...

    I had one of these. Don't forget to tell lookers that they can get several different scenes to project onto this. LOVED the scarecrow projection! It can change year to year.

    Wicked Farmer
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    I defended SF too...

    until same thing as above happened to me. Except I never did get to talk with him directly on phone and tell him to go F himself. I never got a live person or one returned email that year. Credit...
  13. Tried some from another source. Glow was too...

    Tried some from another source. Glow was too weak to be of any use in our corn field. We buy regular glow bracelets from

    Jim Busby

    He has...
  14. Took the words right out of my mouth. Wicked...

    Took the words right out of my mouth.

    Wicked Farmer
  15. can I get one as sample?

    Interested; but before buying thousands I want to see one in my corn field. Have tried another one before that didn't work well.

    Wicked Farmer
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    sent email

    check your email....

  17. Do not confuse this with Pow Sticks

    We use POW sticks as well; this is the prop that can give several seconds of tazer sound and show a light flickering convincingly that of nasty pain is coming at you.

    Wicked Farmer
  18. Spooky Props cattle prod -warrantied no cost

    Bad news seems to travel fast when talking prop makers; so I take time to give a shout out to those who do well and service what they sell. Bought a Spooky Props "classic" cattle prod several years...
  19. On getting lots of $2000 animations...

    I have a core of actors; always will. My daughters graduation open house is in a couple months. She wrote a list of "friends" and "family" to invite to the hog roast open house. She put actors on...
  20. 11 months!

    Met one serious business person at Transworld, who had a couple "successful" escape rooms and was planning to open several more, they were complaining about "fly by night" escape room operators and...
  21. ...and cue the backlash now

    ...and cue the backlash now
  22. Almost to what I pay now

    I pay corn maze workers $$10 -11 an hour plus FICA, plus a home cooked meal at night for those hear for 8-10 hours on a Sat or Sun.

    Haunted section is about the same per hour but is after dinner...
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    Broad daylight

    Think my van was about to get broken into...or at least he was peering inside. Sunday morning early went to move van from ramp to lot west of floor so I could load props up after the show. Guy...
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    Here are all the pictures I post of new stuff before season

    Wicked Farmer
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    I coming for you!

    You take back that "move it a month" (can only mean April not Feb) or I will come Roundup your whole yard, your kids yard, your grandkids yard and your great grand children's yard. In April/May you...
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