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  1. What Happened To Fearshire Farm's Rating?!?

    Hello All.
    Alright, so I am an actor at Fearshire Farms haunted house in Angleton, TX. I didn't go on this site for a while and decided to go just so I can see what our rating was in the top 10 for...
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    What do you mean 'victims'?
    Victims as in... people going through?
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    Sticky: Me (:

    Name: Tiphanie
    Age: 13
    Haunt: Fearshire Farms
    Position: Actor
    Experience: This will be my second full season

    --How did it all get started?
    Well one year when I was about 10 I asked my mom...
  4. Sorry that I won't be able to supply my time this...

    Sorry that I won't be able to supply my time this season, already got a job.
    But just tell me some things about Terrorplex, things like:
    How old do you have to be?
    Times of operation?
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    That's just awesome. I'm working at the same...

    That's just awesome.
    I'm working at the same haunt but at a different location in the haunt this year. Pretty excited, I get to scream my heart out! Last year I got the Top Screamer Award, let's...
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    Who's Excited?

    Alright, it's September and I know that I'm excited as shit to be working again this season. Wasn't able to make it out to my haunt yesterday but will be next weekend and all after that.
    Much has...
  7. Wow

    That is some pretty amazing carvation right there(:
    Good job!

  8. That is just... wow.

    I absolutely love it! I love all the detail, and the colors as much as the over-all product itself. That's amazing to whoever carved and painted that! Congratulations House of Torment[:
    I watch...
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    An idea..

    In 2010, there was a room in the 288 Scare Factory that held a bunch of just plain plastic body bags filled with body parts.. What this one girl did was put herself inside the bag and hold very still...
  10. Here.

    I like the one on the left a lot.
    The one on the right I like the picture a lot, and I like the way it's written and what you did with it but the words are too hard to read.
    So.. maybe change the...
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    I recommend watching the movie 'Poltergeist' for...

    I recommend watching the movie 'Poltergeist' for this scene.
    In the movie this young girl stares at a tv with static in it, but inside it is a 'ghost' that is trying to posess her.

    Maybe trying...
  12. What We Did Last Year

    In one of the main attractions, the Haunted Corn Maze, there was this one actor who had a paint-ball gun. It was of course un-loaded but would make a loud machine-gun sound when he shot it. He was...
  13. My opinion.

    The owner of the haunted house I work at would rather have volunteers be at least the age of 13, but sometimes she allows younger people to work.

  14. Such a great idea!! Love it and I haven't even...

    Such a great idea!! Love it and I haven't even seen it(: That's what I love about all this. If you get just one actor to distract the group, another actor can come and sneak up behind them and scare...
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    That's a great idea. Thank you. But considering...

    That's a great idea. Thank you. But considering my haunted house is a volunteer haunted house, we sometimes don't have enough actors for just one to be walking around in case of a 'surprise scare'.
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    We don't have security cameras set up all around every room.
    But one time this guy kept bringing in his friends and telling them what was going to happen in each room with each actor. It got me and...
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    My opinion.

    The most over-used scare in my opinion would have to be the chain-saws of course...
    and the most over-used costume would have to be a clown costume, or just a plain black outfit.
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    What to do(:

    I work at a volunteer haunted house, and we ALWAYS have a break. Unless it's majorly busy, then all they do is come around and pass out snacks. But once a night we always take a 20 minute break, and...
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    Oh my gosh! It's almost the end of June(: That's...

    Oh my gosh! It's almost the end of June(: That's good!
    Meaning that it's closer to September and in September I have to start going down to Fearshire to finish the touches(: WOOP! Excited as heck(:...
  20. Mine/:

    It was the last night that I was working at the haunted house, and I was working at a different location. I heard noises and popped out of my door to see if the person working near me was alright, so...
  21. (:

    At my house you don't really hear things over and over, it's actually a big variety. A lot of screams... and variety! XD
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    Loved it!♥

    Yes I went to see that in the theater! It was the first horror movie I've ever seen in the theater and it was actually very well done! I loved it! (: I jumped a lot because of everything that was...
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    Sticky: Name: Tiphanie Age: 13 Job: I work at a...

    Name: Tiphanie
    Age: 13
    Job: I work at a volunteer/charity haunt called Fearshire Farms
    Where: Texas

    I have only been a member since June 19, 2011, but I am already hooked and I love to see what...
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    I know /:

    I know what you mean! Some people that go through will look bored, and get in your face saying stuff like "You don't scare me!" And then just move on! Then at the end they are all complimenting on...
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    Oh my gawsh!
    How did you tear... your maniscus?
    And have you heard of the haunted house in TX called House of Torment?
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