I'm sure at some point in time we've all encountered one of those moments where a customer does something so outrageous, clueless or flat-out inconsiderate that you can't help but look at them and think, "What The F**k?!"

The most recent one for me came this past Friday night. A group came in and as I was giving my spiel, this guy is furiously clicking away at his Palm Pilot (I have come to SERIOUSLY loathe cellphones, Blackberrys and their ilk) and as I finish speaking, he looks at me and asks, "How long will it take to get through? I'm in the middle of an online auction for a motorcycle".

So help me to God, I'd have given anything at that moment to have been free to snatch it from his hand, smash it against the wall and snarl, "Well, it looks like you'll continue to ride the short bus from now on!"