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View Poll Results: Are chainsaws needed in a haunted house?

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  • Yup! Gotta have em to scare!

    41 32.54%
  • Yeah, but we don't rely on them.

    46 36.51%
  • No, but they don't hurt!

    28 22.22%
  • NO. Never had them, never will.

    11 8.73%

Thread: Chainsaws - Yes or No?

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  1. Default Chainsaws - Yes or No? 
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    Nov 2008
    Des Moines, Iowa
    Ever since I started my haunt I've always been against chainsaws. I personally think they are overdone in the haunt industry, and are, in my eyes, a cheap scare. However, the more I visit haunts, and the more I hear about what people like, it seems like chainsaws are just the way to go.

    I'm in the process of planning my pro haunt for next year and I'm looking for your opinions on this. Are chainsaws needed in a pro haunt?

  2. Default Chinsaws! 
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    Jun 2009
    Buffalo, NY
    Chainsaws are great! From the ones I went to the haunt that used ONLY ONE chainsaw scare that is strategically placed is amazing! Yet I went to another and they used about 5 and it just wasn't scary.
    Matthew Colton
    Frightworld America's Screampark

  3. Default  
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    Oct 2008
    Tustin, California, United States
    I think as long as it's one, maybe two and outside or as the scare out of the maze and it's fine. Anymore than that and it just ruins the build to it.

  4. Default chain saws 
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    Jan 2004
    Huntington, IN
    We have used them but these days they have to be outside or one of the fake ones you can buy at the tradeshows.

    Our story line is set in 1904 and since they hadn't been invented yet, they are not in our haunt.
    Brett Molitor (aka ~ JamBam) Member of HAA

    Haunted Hotel-13th Floor (est by Huntington Jaycees in 1968 8) )
    Longest running Haunted House in the WORLD!!

    Hysterium Haunted Asylum (old Haunted Cave), Fort Wayne Indiana

    Hysterium Escapes - 4 rooms with 3 themes








  5. Default  
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    Oct 2009
    I felt kind of like you do. They're overdone, however... All the feedback I get is that people LOVE them. I took it out of the haunt one year and all I got asked was "where is the chainsaw?" so it's there every year now. Like the other person said though, don't overdo it. Use it in one scene - one, maximum two chainsaws - and that's it. It's one of the bigger scares too, so don't use it up early either.

    Also it's a good way to get people to move out the exit. It usually sends them running, so make sure there aren't a lot of things that they can run into, knock over, or trip over.

  6. Default Chainsaws 
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    Sep 2006
    Flying above you!
    We use them. To me it is all in how it is placed and if it fits the overall scene of the haunt. If all the haunt is clowns or aliens, then a chainsaw would be stupid. I agree with no more then 2. Over that and it is just overkill. I like them hidden to where you can hear them but have no clue where they are at until its too late. Our guy at our haunt who works the chainsaw, has been doing it for years and he is just twisted. He has it down to a science. We have had so many compliments on how they see him and he still gets them every time. So it helps a lot when the actor knows what they are doing. It would be a serious buzz kill to have a group ready for the attack to only see it fizzle because someone doesn't know how to start it right without busting it.

  7. Default  
    I think chainsaws are almost always associated with haunted houses. They are a necessity. Its simple and it works. Why mess with it.

    Unfortunately we can't use any real chainsaws inside the haunt due to firecode so it cuts down on ability to use them. We always station one at the exit so they can scare people when they exit.

  8. Default  
    Join Date
    May 2007
    Columbia, SC
    It is a delicate balance type thing. I don't think a haunt NEEDS a chainsaw, but they can be fun if used in proportion and with creativity. I was just asking myself last night what could be the NEW chainsaw. Not sure what could replace such a staple, but there HAS to be something, right?!

    This year in our last room we have 4 doors and the guests have to choose a door. When they enter the room it is empty with just a rocking chair that is still rocking. Granny comes around the corner and asks the guests if they've seen "Jr." They are then asked to pick a door. The first two doors and the fourth are tricks and the third has a character who bangs a chain against the door when it's opened. They slam that door shut and granny yells "Jr!!!!!" in which a guy with the chainsaw comes from behind a black curtain and chases them through the third door. It gets em every time.

    Some nights we do a variation on this where Jr.'s saw "won't crank" and when everyone laughs and begins walking out of the door we had another chainsaw who chased them out...THAT GOT THEM!!!!
    O'Shawn McClendon
    Creative Chair -- Operator: Cayce-West Columbia Hall of Horrors

    One mans junk is another mans kick-ass new prop...






  9. Default Yes! we use chainsaws, and are not ashamed to say it! 
    If you want to build a haunt to impress other haunters, then the answer is no, it will cost you points among the creative originality class.

    If you want to provide good entertainment to your customers, then it's hard to beat the bang for your buck that you get from a chainsaw. Even the customers that are not scared by the saws, will get a good laugh from watching thier girlfriends bury thier face in thier arm and scream.

    My take is this, there are really very few among us who have invented something completely new. Most good scares are a spin off of something that has been around for years. I have never seen a haunt that is composed of nothing but original props and scare tactics.

    When an effective tool that is readily available and cheap is put on the shelf, I believe that you are imposing a senseless handicap upon yourself.

    The only way I would not use chainsaws (note the plural) is if they did not fit the theme of the attraction.

    BTW lawn mowers work pretty good too

  10. Default  
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    Dec 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by The Forsaken Crypt View Post
    Chainsaws are great! From the ones I went to the haunt that used ONLY ONE chainsaw scare that is strategically placed is amazing! Yet I went to another and they used about 5 and it just wasn't scary.
    House of Horrors in Buffalo, NY incorporated their chainsaw in a great spot in their Haunt! Kudos to Tim bunch and his staff!

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