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View Poll Results: Are chainsaws needed in a haunted house?

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  • Yup! Gotta have em to scare!

    41 32.54%
  • Yeah, but we don't rely on them.

    46 36.51%
  • No, but they don't hurt!

    28 22.22%
  • NO. Never had them, never will.

    11 8.73%

Thread: Chainsaws - Yes or No?

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    Aug 2008
    Most of them are from females from the age of 12 to 18. No these are direct questions i usually just smile and say i don't know. They usually start saying i hate chainsaws and start recanting some stupid story about how scared they got from chainsaw. Hey it works for me. Just Watch

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    Oct 2008
    Bartlett, TN
    Quote Originally Posted by DDJR View Post
    you know its funny this year out of all the stupid question those dumb--s I mean patrons asked the one i heard the most was is there going to be chainsaws in there. Its an oldey but it gets them every time
    The only question I recall hearing over and over in lines more than "is there chainsaws" is "is their clowns?"

    There are three rules to designing a haunt. Unfortunately, nobody knows what they are.

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    Jan 2007
    Being our first year of operation we went without the chainsaw for half of the month, but I just felt like we were missing some thing and I felt like it was needed and I must say we scared a lot with because a lot happened around and in the area it was used.

    I would agree though it's something that very well could be over used.

    Axdahls Haunted Farm

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    Jul 2010
    There is nothing better than watching the chainsaw weilding crazy looking, blood covered guy come chasing after a group of unsuspecting teens with a chainsaw and watching them scatter, screaming in fear and running into the chainlink fence in an attempt to escape. Best scare, hands down. I don't get it, chainsaws are sooo not my thing, but that is comical to watch and the queue line gets a kick out of watching the patrons scramble away in fear!

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    Kelly Allen Guest
    Our folks love them and if we don't have one or two in the haunt, the patrons are disappointed. Clowns and Chainsaws..... who knew.
    Humboldt House of Horrors

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    Nov 2011
    As a professional hauntee (like that? just made that up) I'd like to say I appreciate BOTH sides of the grave. I mean, c'mon how much more classic can you get? CHAAAAINSAWWWW. Now, than again, I do see the side of trying to be as original as possible.

    I say go with the CS! I bet if you took a toll, MOST PEOPLE will say they like the Chainsaws. Again though, as been said x's over, 1 or 2 max.

    We went to one this year, first one of theirs we'd been to. (2nd year for them I believe) OMG man, they had so many CS's it was weetodded. Wasn't even funny, in fact, was kinda annoying. We were so tired of hearing that buzz we were just ready to gtfo. after 3 rooms. AND THEY WERE DIFFERENT ACTORS doing it. If I had to guess they had like 7 or so going.

    my nickel's worth.


  7. Default A Different Perscprctive-Last Night Nov.10th 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Last night the Husband, Wife and teenage Son drove almost the entire length of Illinois to see The Ravens Grin Inn, they drive everywhere half of Sept. and all of October to see every haunted house they can, taking off a lot of time from work to do this.
    The Wife told me her Husband "Loves" chainsaws! Then she told me:"They get pretty sloppy with them sometimes and I don't like them, I was "slapped" across my legs by chainsaws several times this fall and one time I had trouble even walking the next day when I went to work."
    They saw many little "$10.oo Haunted Houses" this is where this happened and the entire $10.oo venue bought them very little in the way of any kind of entertainment, they stated.
    They exited here being impressed by how different my whole place and show was and then stopped to buy a tee-shirt which gave me the opportunity to tell the Husband that the next time they come here I will do My Chainsaw Routine for him. I didn't do it this last October at all because I have so many routines I do in that first room already.
    Like almost everything else here, that routine is very different and it has been copied by other haunts which is a burr under my saddle, "Oh,Well?"
    This post is simply informational and is presented here simply because last night the subject was talked about by these new patrons of mine. Sometimes I get a whole new persprctive from listening to the customers. I try to talk to as many of them as possible.
    Last edited by Jim Warfield; 11-11-2011 at 06:46 AM.

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    May 2006
    Exeter, New Hampshire, United States
    We have a few chainsaws roaming all over the attraction so they never know when it is coming. It's great to hear them in the distance also. I am one of the guys that has one. When you start it up right behind someone in a dark tunnel they freak out and it's an awesome scare. It's all in how you do it. Having a light saw that is loud and starts right away is key. I have one that starts on half a pull, it's awesome!

    Here is some footage that shows a lot of chainsaws and the effect they have on people.

    I was never into clowns years ago but now have a huge circus section in the haunt because that is what people want. Chainsaws and clowns. We have a lot of other scares as well but the chainsaw and clowns are what get the best reaction from people and is what I hear people talking about when I see them on the street.


  9. Default See Saw 
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    Mar 2011
    Raleigh, NC
    I have thought about this for several years. I have never used them because I didnt want to do like everyone else. This year we are opening a new attraction outside, and I am using a Chain Saw as the climax scare. Its in the woods, body parts hanging in teh trees, so this should work great.
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    Max Melton Guest
    Chainsaws are something I have done in the past and thinking about having again. It really adds that stimulation factor hearing that epic sound of someone trying to start one then revving it up. And that sound effect doesn't have the same effect when used on a recording.

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