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Thread: do you hang out after a night of fun??

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    Jan 2011
    Huntsville, Alabama, United States
    I didn't read all of the replies on here but I laughed at the number of Denny's mentions. That's what we ended up doing a lot of the nights at ours, too. Haunters love 24-hour breakfast places

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    Jan 2011
    Huntsville, Alabama, United States
    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Warfield View Post
    Paying for my food... a large flame (a real flame) lept from my wallet infront of the girl waiting for my money. She screamed, fell to the floor.
    It was a trick wallet, it held real money but could also do this.
    When I used to be out in my parking lot selling tickets some kid would see the wad of ones and fives and remark how I was "Making ALL that money!"
    "Well I do have a business partner.." "Whoose!" The flame would erupt, they would all jump back.
    "I guess he just took his half?"
    The first one worked great, somebody stole it, the second one didn't work nearly as well, I don't know what happened to it?
    Up in flames? A product from a Magic shop.

    OH MAN I HAVE ONE OF THESE TOO. Best. thing. ever.

    I got mine outside of Hogsmeade [Harry Potter village lol] in Universal Studios... haha dude opened his wallet to show us and I was like "......I NEED one."

  3. Default Sometimes... IHOP 
    We plan on going, and sometimes we do follow through and go to IHOP. Because that is mainly the only open restaurant in our area that allows us to come dressed in full makeup... I've never been but hope to go sometime this year.

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