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Thread: Recently watched DVD's review

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  1. Default Recently watched DVD's review 
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    Nov 2009
    Valley AL
    Ok so here is a list of recently seen Dvd's some of these movies have been out for a while and usually are in the 99 cent rental areas
    I rented a few of the 8 films to die for the After dark film festival.
    While it says films to die for I would disagree with this statment.

    Awakened -- This film moved kind of slow at the start and really did not hold my interest well. Basic summary an acient alien is awakend and starts killing people near a Native american dig site. Overall I would probally skip this one.
    I give this 1 and a half Broken Skulls out of 5

    Crazy Eights -- This film combined two of my favorite things Asylums and vengeful ghosts. The plot was semi interesting and the effects and acting were decent. I would recomend renting this one it was not bad at all. I give Crazy Eights three broken skulls out of 5

    Dark Rides -- This film was more a guilty pleasure. There were tons of Horror film cliches in this movie yet still I could not stop watching it. It has one good twist at the end which I am pretty sure most people will see about a mile away.
    this has more of the classic slasher flick vibe. I would say this is worth renting I would give it 2 1/2 broken skulls out of 5

    Wicked Little Things -- Ok this one was a good one for me the plot was pretty straight forward but unfolded in such away to keep you interested. Plus Zombie kids for the freak out factor. I really found my self wanting to know more of what was going on as the plot unfolded all in all a decent horror movie I would give it 3 and half broken sulls out 5

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    Dec 2008
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    Thanks for the review! Now that the haunt season is over for us, I plan to catch up on some movies!
    I watched the director's cut dvd of Drag me to Hell last night.. was Really good and the behind the scenes section was great!
    Netherworld Haunted Attractions

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    Nov 2009
    Valley AL
    I Really liked Drag me to hell I will have to check out the directors cut but was waiting to see what kind of releases they come out with. Sam Rami is one of my favorite Directors
    Proud to be able to work at

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