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Thread: best/funniest reactions from a scare

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  1. Default best/funniest reactions from a scare 
    Join Date
    Nov 2009
    Let's hear some of the best one's that you've had.

    We had a group of high school kids come threw typical I'm not scared/you can't scare me. Well happened to be running a chainsaw that night. They came around the corner and came face to face with a chainsaw running wide open! Made 2 of the 6 pee themselves! I couldn't stop laughing the rest of the night.

    Also same spot had a guy turn to run, hit the wall and knock himself out cold!

  2. Default  
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    Nov 2009
    Valley AL
    Two good one's from this year.

    I was in the Butcher room and I am on an elevated platform as they come through. I did my speil and my cackle and I then swing out with the big fake meat cleaver like I am going to take their heads. (the swing is way above anyone's head but things look funky in strobe light) the last guy in this group literally crawls through the scene to avoid it and was exiting when my partner in crime let out a last minute gotcha and the guy nearly climed the top of the wall along the exit out of the scene.

    The second I was on chainsaw duty one night near the exit. well the trail guide lines wrap around a tree where my charge at them usually stops. one guy grabed the tree and refused to let go. I moved the chainsaw around to the other side like I was going to cut him in half along with the tree and he shot up the trail past the exit.

    And I got a late start on the past season so this one should have a ton more fun.
    Proud to be able to work at

  3. Default Fun todaY! 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    First a daytime tour , a young Dad and Mom , 2 little kids.
    I scared Dad, then I waited til Dad passed by me and I scared Mom. gotta pass it around, can't play favorites. This gives everyone something to talk about, forever!
    "He scared you!" Well he got you too!"
    then a large group tonight the guy leading them was realy easy and fun to scare but I allowed him a free pass so I could scare some of the rest of them to see what I may have been missing? Surprise! SCared you! And I discovered more easy to scare people right there beside of him.
    It struck me as so funny when in broad daylight I scared the woman far behind the rest and she screamed and none of them had a clue as to what had happened! (But they found out a little later!)

  4. Default  
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    Apr 2009
    Near Charlotte NC
    My first year at Scarowinds, I was lurking under a vortex light and would pop out at people unseen until I was right underneath them. I had various managers and people take breaks at the bench behind me so they could watch me work. One night I hit this Chinese family. "Granny" didn't take too kindly to my scare and began flailing at me with her purse.

    I'm 6'0", 250 pounds. She's 4'11" 85 pounds (maybe) and wouldn't stop going after me. The security guy sitting on the bench behind me couldn't stop laughing long enough to pull her away. After about 30 seconds, I backed up to a tarp, lost my balance, and fell underneath it. She immediately went after me and it was only then that security got up and took her away.

    Her family was very apologetic and almost stopped laughing enough to tell me that she had a bet with her son that no one could scare her that evening and she was so mad that she lost that she took it out on me...

  5. Default That "Scare-You" Bet/Thing 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    I overheard the one brother say:"We bet Jerry that Jim couldn't scare us, yet he's scared me three times already, I owe Jerry $30.oo!"
    "He scared me two times too, I owe Jerry $20.oo!!!"
    (These 25-28 yr. old men were tough-talking Big City transplants who seemed to like to brag a fair amount.)
    "Look at that."
    "What is it?"
    "I dunno, looks like a coffin and a funeral."
    They step closer looking through the wall of thick plexiglass into the dimmly lit room.
    I am standing out of sight at the edge of the frame for the plexiglass. I swung my black cape against the plexiglass and they both scream and fall to the floor!
    "Oh, no, now I owe Jerry $40.oo!"
    "I owe him $30.00!"

  6. Default  
    Join Date
    Jun 2008
    San Diego, Clairemont
    I told a guy that if he wanted to make it out alive he would need to leave all distractions and things that could slow him down. All the while interacting with him in a calm slightly sinister voice. In this case he took it to mean his girlfriend.
    He was freaking out because i was sort of in his bubble so he turns to her and says "Sorry babe its not you, its me" and he bolted out of my room. I am in good shape, and I couldnt keep up. This guy was out of there fast.

  7. Default Area 51 aka alien room 
    Join Date
    Dec 2009
    Nashville, Tennessee, United States
    My very first season with Death Row back in 01 at the former 100 year old prison, I was working in the alien room, we were slammed on this particular night. This group has no choice but to stop in my scene. They were in there with me for what seemed to me like forever. They all had a chance to do what most don't, REALLY stop & stare at EVERYTHING! This little boy eyeballs me, he was about 7, maybe 8 years young, about 4 ft tall, he proceeds to walk up to me & just stare at my mask. I still believe he was trying to see if he could past my plastic mirror reflectioned eyes to see my real eyes. He finally gives up & walks back to his group & stands in line again. Minutes later he tests me again, stares at me again, then the little f'er stomps on my foot as hard as he can. I say nothing & don't move. He looks up at me again, starring. Next thing I know he hits me in my stomach, this of course knocks me backwards a little bit as it would've a static prop. I still say nothing & continue to watch. Again he gives up & finally returns to his group.
    For what seems like forever once again, the group doesn't move. I finally make my move, convinced that as far as this group is concerned I'm just another prop in the room. I WAS RIGHT! I lunged forward, uncrossed my arms from my chest & screamed as loud as I could through my mask. EVERY SINGLE PERSON either jumped backwards, fell to the floor, or held their chest! I had punked everyone! What about the little boy? Let's just say I'm willing to bet he'll never touch another prop ever again!

    Ya never know when those little suckers will come to life!
    Last edited by newhorror2010; 01-26-2010 at 02:37 PM.

  8. Default "Newt", that was funny! 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    And similair but with a different ending for my first employee I ever had here.

    my man was already retired around late 50's and not the brightest, shall I say?

    I gave him a oversized mask to wear and told him to sit on a couch that was in the middle of a maze and not to let anyone punch or kick him. React first, move, growl, something...
    At the end of the night he came to me huffing and puffing, mad and began telling how a woman had said to her friends:"I bet he's real,."
    Then kicked him hard in the shins, not once but numerous times!
    He said, "Said to myself, To Heck with YOU! I'm not going to move or anything and you will never find out if I'm real or not!"

    I try to design my scares so is is very difficult if not impossible for the customers to reach the one whose job it is to scare them.
    I also stress to employees not to get close enough to get punched but if they are advancing to do this run away after you temporarilly blind them with your bright flashlight..go get help.

    One time an employee just vanished during a tour. He finally crawled up out of an open grave, he was wearing a mask and someone punched him, knocking him out!
    By the time we found him the tour was long gone, and out of the house.
    He got too close.
    He suffered no perminent injury.

    At a house not far from mine an employee showed up late, the owner threw him an old furr coat and a werewolf mask and since this employee was a short guy was told to just crawl around and scare people...15 minutes later the short, crawling werewolf was sporting some freshly broken ribs.
    Is is very easy to kick someone in their ribs if they are crawling infront of you....DUH?
    Last edited by Jim Warfield; 01-26-2010 at 08:58 PM.

  9. Default  
    Join Date
    Apr 2008
    We had a girl sh!et herself at Graystone in'08.And of all places it was in the maze.And her group of friends could'nt get out quick enough...

  10. Talking  
    Join Date
    Jan 2010
    Glastonbury, CT
    Best reaction that I still don't understand HOW?! There were these 2 guys both around their 20s making the usual,"not scary, won't get me;" this is when me (the chainsaw guy) smiles and bursts through a side door in one swift pull got saw at full throttle....I swear like scooby doo one guy jumps straight up and just lands into the other guys arms.........I just turned off my saw and burst out laughing as the 2 guys stood there white and shaking, then I turned away to go into the shack then quickly turn around start saw and chase them into the next trail. I still to this day wondered how the hell does that happen?!

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