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Thread: best/funniest reactions from a scare

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  1. Default Yes!! 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Scaring someone who is concentrating on scaring someone else is always alot of FUN!
    (Maybe that's why I seem to build those many hiding places here?)
    "Dropped him to the floor by just turning your head?" I love the quieter scares that often achieve reactions more extreme than a big loud monsterous ones.
    Subtle is scary.
    At least it is if the customer is paying attention to their surroundings. (Versus hiding their eyes in their friend's back)
    Of course not running 80 MPH through the place and providing enough light to see something have to be in place too....but I love those quiet, minimal movement acts that send people screaming and jerking, quite a power trip!
    I have a video of me slightly gesturing as I am calmly, normally talking in the front room and this movement scared the crap out of this one young woman standing infront of me, a few seconds later during the bogus "Supernatural Experiment" she was minorly participating in, she ran screaming to the back of the room saying, to her friends, "You Lied to Me! you lied to me!!" (That it wouldn't be scary??)
    She really responded to my mere floating up through the ceiling and dissappearing...for some reason?
    (It's a realy high ceiling too)
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