A young couple, just the two of them, were sitting on the couch in the front, first room. The lights were all on, big and bright you could plainly see everything there is to see in the room, the three of us had been talking , we were killing some time waiting for aother group who were supposed to be walking up to the house any minute now.
The guy had been here 10 years ago when he was in High School locally, his woman was from far away from here. She was smiling, calm, looking self-assurred, a really cute young woman.
Something was mentioned about "people jumping out at you".

I asked her, "Are you saying that you don't like people jumping out, scaring you?"
She was still smiling, she said that was a concern of hers(still smiling), relaxed, lights all on...

"So would you not like it if that happened?"
She really didn't answer me, still smiling...
"I think the guy hiding behind the couch might be jumping out at you."

...then she had a twisted-brow frown cross her face, her neck turned looking behind her, along with a look of wonderment...
I scared her with all the lights on.
I could leave it at that and allow you, reader to infer that I scared her with my mere spoken words.......
I pushed a button, the couch did it's "Trick".
(The couch is against a main wall of the house, no room for anyone to be lurking there.)
The other group showed up, the couple moved to another piece of funrniture to get to watch someone else enjoy that couch!
(Just one button of nine buttons and three cables and two levers I can activate to effect the demeanor of the patrons in that room.)