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Thread: best/funniest reactions from a scare

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    Jan 2010
    Glastonbury, CT
    No story here....but here are 2 pictures of our other chainsaw guy in action....Kudos to the photoghaper who took this lol.

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    Mar 2010
    So. Cal
    Here my best scare to date: 2 seasons ago I came across 4 teen-age girls inside a photo booth ( you know the ones with the little seat and the curtain, that you can take pics with your friends) They were all 4 inside and doing the photo thing.....meanwhile I was waiting outside for them to be done so I could scare them good. They had been in there for awhile and about a dozen or so ppl were now gathered and watching me, so of course I was showing off and point to them and giving thumbs up......Anyways to make a long story short, I ripped open the curtain and started banging my shaker can on the booth and screaming as loud as I could. It was like throwing cats in a bath tub, they were screaming and cid not not where to go since I was standing in the door way. At that time one of them punched me right in the face ( turning my mask sideways) so now I back off because I cannot see and I hear some of the ppl go oh sh$t !! I hear one of the girls scream Sorry as they run away. I throw up my arms and yell "where ya'll going ?" I turn to the crowd and do alittle oh well and laugh and ppl actually applauded me !! It was a funny moment that I will never forget.

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    I tell my people not to get within an arm's length of a customer, uless they are around a sharp corner preferably on the cusrtomer's right side, since most are right-handed making a solid swing harder to accomplish.
    Or put the mask on your fist, stick this around the corner, you can play this one high or low alternating rather quickly.
    You are lucky you didn't get tooth damage or knocked out, thereby leaving your body at the mercy of the most perverted customer who happened upon you laying there!
    Waking up to a new tatoo on your arm of a heart with "George" in it's center might be hard to explain to your girlfriend.

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    Nov 2009
    Lafayette, CO
    Last year for our final scene we had an 8' by 8' room divide into three hallways. At the end of the second hallway we put a strobe facing right in people's eyes. At the end of that hallway we had a sensor that would blast people with compressed air from above. This effect was great with the ceilings being only 6' high. I told my actors that it was an automated room and to let the air do the trick; no actors were needed...

    It wasn't until two girls dressed in poodle skirts went through that I decided to try hiding beneath the strobe. The one teenage girl was too scared to enter, so the other girl went through alone. She was barely scared by anyone or anything in the entire haunt. As she walked accros the backyard to the final room, her friend told me I should scare her. So I threw on a dark hoodie to cover the white suit I was wearing and hid in a corner behind the strobe. As she turned the corner from the first portion she was moving very slow. "I know you're hiding back there!" BOOM! The air hits her on the top of the head! GRR! I lunged at her. She sprinted out of that room, laughing, screaming, and having a good time.

    Later that night a lady brought her son and daughter through. Her son had a fit and refused to go with her. So once they got through or first room and out into the open again, they were moving at a snail's pace. Her 8 year old daughter was quivering in fear, and mom (holding a cup of wine) wasn't holding up much better. About half way through, one of the actors scared MOM so bad she knocked over her daughter. I was so close to kicking them out, especially when her son walked INTO the haunt through the exit screaming he wanted to come. So they got into the back of the line and waited ten mines to go through again. This time they were less scared, laughing and having a good time. So I slipped on my dark jacket and journeyed into the final room. I ended up bringing her son to tears. I felt so bad, but at the same time, I showed him that it's not just fun and games. Mwahaha!
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    *Sigh*I can't wait til' October

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    First a Father and 3 teenage boys came in. One boy was acting scared with every little thing that happened in the first room (maybe he was more "acting"?) they were all aloso laughing alot.
    Then more people arrived, two middle aged women and one man, the one woman's husband remained outside.
    Immeadiately the one woman began telling me how afraid she was. She was easy. Scream! followed by some silly thing she would remark.
    These two groups were sitting on couches across the room from one another at a 90 degree angle. I could feel the anticipation the couch of boys were feeling , waiting for me to do the same things to the women& guy that I had just earlier done to them.
    That woman was hysterical!
    Then I began a routine we usually do for small, scared children. I offered a remote control, push of it's button to the scared adult woman.
    She pushed the button making everyone laugh with it's results.
    Then I offered the same experience (different remote) to the one afraid-acting boy in the other group.
    This activated a major effect in that room aimed at the other people on the other couch and amazing reactions were forthcoming! Everyone was laughing back and forth across the room at the other people's reactions!!
    Later in the backyard after I had scared some of these people for the third time with the same prop, one teenage boy said to me, "You are really good!"
    Of course I was also doing a fair amount of laughing too. The Husband who chose to remain outside did get to hear most of his Wife's hysterical scareams and laughs right through my extra-thick front door though!
    In the mid-tour she said to me, and anyone else who could hear her, "You scared them."
    Then I got her, she screamed! Then she said, "You just scared me too!" followed by much laughter.
    The next group were two adults and their teenage niece. The husband was sort of a mister "Tough-guy" sort but I evetually figured out I was scaring him even though his only visible or audible reaction would just be him saying, "Oh shit."
    I took alot of shit out of him too! (and it felt so good!)

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    Jun 2010
    Atlanta, Georgia, United States
    we had this group of girls come into our clown room. we had this clown come swinging down and come within inches of their faces after me and my partner would come running at them as all out messed up clowns. In the middle of the room we had a couch. These girls took off into the room so we chased them. We did a miles worth of running around that couch before it hit them to get out of the room.
    Another one I had was in the same room. When the clown came swinging down a guy threw his head back so hard that he went straight through the wall.

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