Thinking about it, sometimes patience is required, waiting for that right moment, that certain person to walk passed you or waiting until they seem very calm and self-assured(they have reset)
when I was a kid we would play "Army" and I usually won because I had the patience to out wait the rest of them, along with the fact that I would crawl into small, scary, forbidden hiding places the rest of them wouldn't. Sounds like real-life, "Play" training for a haunted house to me.
I live in a rural area with bountiful game and fish and seasons for actually hunting those animals but I am not intrested in such activitys.
People are alot more fun, but harder to explain to the game warden.
One cold night I laid in a coffin probably 3 hours waiting to scare a group supposed to be arriving here. they finally showed up, I scared them!
One night a classmate of mine who usually drank too much was found laying beside a grave marker (the monument business is neighbor to the one tavern)
When he was asked what he was doing laying there? He responded, "I'm just taking this gravestone for a test drive."
I bet it would have excellant brakes!