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Thread: DS Prop Shop!

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  1. Default DS Prop Shop! 
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    Apr 2009
    Hey folks! Do to popular demand, I am now going to be stocking halloween props/items FULLTIME and ready to ship. In past years, it was only a one time deal but this year we are expanding to supply you with only the best on the market! All of our stocked item are made in the USA, in house, and ready to ship!

    Stocked items:

    LED EYE sets are now available for sale.. All are made our of SUPER BRIGHT LED's and wired to last! Similar to the last batch I had last year, but these are more durable and brighter! All connections are soldered and have heat shrink on the LED/Resistor part. Crimp unions that are super tight with 9V battery clips making this a nice plug an play unit!

    Perfect effects for static and animated props and are easy to hide. They work great in styrofoam heads, buckys, and even fcg props.

    Colors your will recieve are RED, GREEN, BLUE.

    Price: $10 shipped.

    Each kit will include one red, blue, and green set. Yes, that is right, making it a total of three all together!

    Also, we currently have some foam skulls available also! Extremely durable skulls made out of ridig urethane foam. Skulls are only available in Half profile, with no jaw. Perfect for tombstones, hanging on walls, plaques, pillars, ETC.. Each come painted black/grey with a textured white dry-brushed finished. Custom painted peices can be done at no additional charge..

    Price: $8 each plus shipping.

    We can also do CUSTOM WORK! DS Has been building props and has been involved in the haunt industry for the past 9 years. Working with fellow haunter's and big time haunted attractions, The Dark Shadows crew brings you the DS PROP SHOP. All props are made in the USA in house, using only the best parts. NO wooden structures here, all mechanisms are constructed out of 16 gauge steel tubing. NO Hacked pneumatic components either, all are commercial grade using only the best brands - Bimba, Parker, SMC, STC, and Norgren.

    Interested in any stocked item, PM me here or send me a email, DarkShadowsHH@aol.com.

    Visit our website: www.DarkShadowsHaunt.com


    Also have some random USED parts available that were used in our haunt last year.

    Animation maestro I controller: Comes complete with a sound board and 110V outlet wired in. Easy to sue plug an play, you just supply the trigger!

    Price: $ 70 plus shipping.

    Strobe light lot:
    4 battery powered LED Strobe lights
    2 screw in style Strobe Lights (They screw into a standard lightbulb socket)

    Price: $16 shipped

    PicoBoo controllers:
    Includes two controllers and power supplys. Not sure If they work, but they power on. I think they dont pick up a trigger input, but they will work on repeat. Sold AS-IS.

    Price: $35 Shipped

    Email me at DarkShadowsHH@aol.com if interested in anything.

    Thanks, Mike

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    Apr 2009
    Updated info on our Foam Skulls...

    All Skulls are available in different three styles.
    -Mini Sized

    All skulls are available in three different painted themes.
    -Classic Grey
    -Corpsed up'

    Full Size: $8 each plus $5 Flat Rate shipping.

    Mini Sized: $3 each plus $5 Flate Rate Shipping.

    No matter how many you purchase, the shipping is still going to be only $5!




    Classic Grey
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    Apr 2009
    Classics are now on ebay!


    Our Evil Skull line is just about ready, I just pulled a foam skull out and these things look awesome!

    And my newest sculpture, "The Elderly"

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    Apr 2009


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