Hey guyz Happy New year... I know this topic has been covered several times, and I have even used some of the ideas out here to make what I am looking for....BUT I AM LOOKING FOR SOME DIFFERENT IDEAS>>>

I want to make new body forms/mannequins but not using wood or PVC if possible, I would like to make a store quality mannequin that could be semi possible that Would have a life like appearance. Price really isn't a issue the reason is we were looking at purchasing the Zombie Line from haunted Props.com when I got to thinking we could build a good quality Zombie of our own & use the money other places in our new Haunted Attraction.

I have done PVC and Foam in the past even made some great looking dummies lol but I want something that isn't stuffed with paper and that the Fire Marshall will look past. We had a few issues this year with this sort of thing and really want to be able to come up with a way to make our own mannequins. I know Ghost Ride Productions make a flexible Foam dummy and was wondering if any one out there knows how it is done and if it would be worth building our own or just purchasing them from Ghost Ride.

I am looking for any great ideas that could help us save $$$ & build a great quality body form. We already have begone making our own Zombie Heads & masks we just need to find new ideas for the body forms we thought of Fiberglass but didn't know where to start have done a lot of Googleing lol but still looking any help would be great... thankz