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Thread: How do you feel about

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    Aug 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by TheNightMare
    Im with everyone else, I feel that roping off your haunt, makes the customer/patron feel like there not wanted. I would let people walk through the room and feel like they belong. That way they can absorb what there going through while walking through your haunt. Itll also get the customer to believe in the story of the haunt and feel for the story. Unless its a jail scene then I can understand it being barred off.
    I agree and disagree...
    With a rope or rail a patron will feel safe and know they belong behind a line . Without the rope or rail they will not know where they are really supposed to be .... making them very uncomfortable and easy to scare. Also a rope or rail is just a cop out ... you should naturally theme elements in if you need a buffer between a prop and a guest.. say you are in an attic , instead of having a rail have old boxes and a headboard ( it does belong in an attic ) just little things like that will make your guests less sure if they are really seperated from that monster or not.

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    Nightgore Guest
    I agree with Kevin in that I like haunts NOT to be roped off but IMMERSIVE! I want to feel like I'm stepping into a REAL house and not a museum display. -Tyler

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    Raycliff Manor Guest
    We go the total immersive route. We do, however, glue a lot of the misc. props down with liquid nails. For example, the items on the top of a dresser in the bedroom scene. In our attic scene, they walk around a bookcase, which has a lot of items glued down to the shelves as well. With an actor in virtually every room/scene, we haven't really had much of a problem. Oh yeah, a great tip I picked up from Larry on one of the HauntWorld videos, we also put vaseline on some of the props that we are concerned about. They don't touch these props for very long! :lol:


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    Aug 2006
    i agree with the immersion technique. we didn't have anything blocked off and really didn't have any problems. although we didn't have as big of a crowd as we would have hoped. there were a few props that made me nervous though. we might try to block our electric chair with part of the scene itself.

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    So I gather from these posts concerning rope or no rope that none of your haunts feature walls of 2 by 2's covered with chicken wire to separate the victims from the scary ones?
    These were very common at one time.
    It eliminated guests punching or saying they were touched by an actor.
    I just kept looking around and over my shoulder for those chickens!
    They must be hiding around here someplace waiting to peck my eyes out and eat my ear lobes!

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