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Thread: vacuforms

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    May 2006
    We had great results on our crypt walls with a few vacuformed bones, styrofoam chunks, and monster mud. I don't have any pics handy unfortunately

    Maybe JoeDog or Ms Scarlett has some to post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gridbug
    We had great results on our crypt walls with a few vacuformed bones, styrofoam chunks, and monster mud. I don't have any pics handy unfortunately

    Maybe JoeDog or Ms Scarlett has some to post?
    with your mention of materilas used: sounds like it came out pretty nice. hope to see pictures!

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    Ms Scarlett has all the pics....
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    since someone mentioned it can someone explain to me once again what is all in monster mud and how to seal it so it doesnt become muss if moisture gets on it.


    (i thought it was latex paint and cauk, but i could be wway wrong)
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    May 2005
    Y'all have to smack me in the head when I don't respond. (I don't read EVERY thread!)

    Hmmm... I dug around and can't find any pics of the crypt walls that actually have any of the vac-formed skulls and bones on them. In Fact, the only pic of the crypt walls at all is this one:

    You gotta remember, our camera was on it's last leg this Halloween. But for some dumb ass reason, we have EIGHT pictures of the stupid pumpkin! *grumble*grumble*grumble*

    Ok - FYI - Hubby (Gristle) built a small vac-form machine that he uses in our kitchen. It was built the exact size of our oven. He built a little wooden frame the size of an oven rack. He screws a sheet of cut plastic in between two wooden frames then slides them into the center of our oven at 400 degrees until the plastic starts to 'sag'. (About 4 minutes) Then he takes it out and slaps in on his home-made vac table. The Vac Table is actually a wooden box with peg board on top and window ceiler foam around the edges. A shop Vac hose is attached to a whole cut in the side of the box. When you lay the hot plastic over a "buck" (mold of what you want to vac form) the Shop Vac sucks it down tight. Let it cool for a couple of minutes and then you can take the plastic out of the frame and trim it down.

    For Crypt walls, Gristle took a 'femur' from Anatomical (Bucky Leg bone) and cut it in half lengthwise with his band saw. The two halves were layed on the vac table and we made a thin plastic mold of them. These were then poured full of HydroCal to make a "Stone" positive that is WAY more durable than the actual cut bone. He made four 1/2 femur bucks. That's how many would fit on our small table.

    For skulls, he took one of those el-cheepo plastic skulls from Wally-World (Or some chain store) and cut it in half. Same process. Make a thin plastic mold off the original, then pour four bucks out of it. He tilted the mold so the bucks would be sort of looking 'up, down, left or right'. We could fit three skull faces on the vac table at once.

    We cut out the bones then screwed them to the plywood walls. We then chopped up lots of styrofoam blocks and hot glued those to the walls. (Watch out! That's how I cut my toe with a shovel! We desided that blocks cut with a saw were just FINE after the $1,000 trip to the emergency room.) We then filled in between and around the bones with Great Stuff. A coat of Monster Mud gave all the foam and Great Stuff a hard 'shell'. (Monster Mud = 5 gallons Joint compound + 1 gallon latex paint)

    All of that was spray painted black with a Wagner Power Painter. We then 'dry brushed' a grey semi gloss over that. Bones were highlighted with a very light grey. Then we decorated with strips of thin cloth, layed 'corpsed' buckys in niches, piled bones in 'windows' as shown above. They looked really cool. Sorry we don't have more pics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MindWerxKMG
    Provost Displays is another source of vacuform panels many of which are used at the Darkness. http://provostdisplays.com. They offer something similar to what you are looking for http://provostdisplays.com/cgi-bin/T...&catalogno=139.

    If you want to make them yourself, you will need to build a vacuform table. There are sites on the web that describe how to build one.
    I know HPI uses these... and they arent that badly priced.

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