I ordered a Brow Raiser's brand mask, and it just arrived today. I must say, I am terribly dissappointed. While advertised for people of all ages, the mask is obviously designed for children. This is confusing, because I have seen videos of full grown men wearing these masks, and they worked perfectly. It fit my face well enough, but when it came to the gimmick they employ (moving mouth and antaena), it failed. The mask was so small on me that, while it covered my face, it would slide down my face whenever I opened my mouth, causing me to be staring at the forehead. Even when I held the mask in place, the jaw only moved the slightest bit, and the appendages did not move at all. A friend of mine, who has a much smaller head, tried it on, and while it did work better, it did not move at all like what had been advertised. Perhaps a child's head could make it work like it should, but any adult hoping to use it in their haunted house is out of luck. The eye holes are more like slits, and I had to angle my head upwards to see straight. The mask is a half mask, and is made out of cheap plastic, much like the little masks that come with children's costumes. It also looks almost nothing like is does on the pictures and videos. While the advertised mask is very finely painted, the real one is painted a bright shade of pink, with little purple splotches here and there, supposedly veins.
In closing, I call this mask a failure. It could very easily be a child's halloween mask, but a grown man working in a haunted house should look elsewhere.