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Thread: Americas Haunted Heartland Association

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  1. Default Americas Haunted Heartland Association 
    Join Date
    Feb 2010
    waterloo, iowa
    I am looking to start an association for haunters in and around Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Illinois, North and South Dakota. With the power of the members we could begin a coop to purchase haunt merchandise at lower prices if we bought in quantity and have a voice in this industry. Let those vendors know when they have been less than ideal to buy from and let the good one sknow they are doing a good job. AHA and IAHA are good organizations I am not trying to knock them but sometimes the middle children of this industry are not being represented properly and I feel it is time we had a voice. If interested let me know.

  2. Exclamation  
    Join Date
    Apr 2010
    I'm a new haunter from kansas and would LOVE to be part of that!

  3. Default  
    Join Date
    May 2008
    Las Vegas
    your in kansas? where at?

  4. Default "Haunted Heartland" ? 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Is a name of a ghost story book that came out maybe over 20 years ago, it was a big, fat paperback.
    I went to one of the haunted locations written about in the book and the people working there told me none of it was true, never happened and some of the events in the book could never have even physically happened either.
    The employees cringe when they see people walk in the door with a copy of this book in their hand.
    "Here we go again!"

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