And the guests in my front room want to hear about the haunted history of this house.. I tell them a few of the things that have happened here and an hour later....I quit because if I told them everything, I would have no voice left for the next night.
I can tell it seriously, but I usually do not because I am not trying to terrorize anyone and with odd supernatural stories, well told, you never know til later just how much someone is becoming deeply bothered as you are busy story telling until their friends tell you a month later that they will not carry out the garbage at night anymore without a flashlight and a loaded gun in their hand! (Yes, I'm not making this stuff up at all. He is/was a classmate of mine. His Wife told me about the gun and flashlight)
So as I usually talk about the haunted stuff here I make fun of it adding some attempted humor and saying wild untrue personal things about my ex ,so wild and goofy everyone in the room must know it's a joke. Because she did have her own experiences here too (a reason she's my "ex"!) After seven years she had enough of hearing her name called in the dark, seeing two ghosts on the surveilence camera...
Think about this:If someone jumps out wearing a scary/ costume in a haunted house it might scare, it might get a reaction, but most people over the age of 15 get over it pretty quickly, but scare someone by convincing them there ARE such things as ghosts, spirits and real things that live at the edge of what we can see and hear, maybe watching us whenever, where ever they wish...if this is news to them and intentionally or not you have managed to convince them, they may be worrying about such things for the rest of their lives. I do not wish to EVER scare someone like that for many good reasons, some of which are concerned with me being able to sleep at night and being a better, happier person, myself for not messing someone else up.