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View Poll Results: If You Could Populate Your Haunt With REAL Ghosts, Would You?

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Thread: Maybe We're Doing TOO Good Of a Job...

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  1. Default Maybe We're Doing TOO Good Of a Job... 
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    Aug 2003
    While our building is over 100 years old (it was originally constructed as a commercial laundry), it's never been officially (or unoffcially) documented as having any sort of paranormal history. At least not until The Baxter Avenue Morgue opened its doors...

    I've spoken with two of our cast members who've turned quite serious when telling me that they'd seen either a shadow (where no one was standing) or caught a glimpse of a shadowy figure peering at them from around a corner. Our handyman/overnight security (who spends the nights in our dressing room during the operating season) has also remarked that he's heard footsteps during the night when he knows full well that he's the ONLY person in the building. There have also been two seperate occasions when a group of patrons would be brought in and a member would become somewhat agitated and remark that they were "sensitive" to spiritual activity and that they were getting some MAJOR vibes from the building. And then there's the one scene known as "The Gurney Room" (a mostly dirt-floored room with wooden ceiling beams that seems to stretch waaay back), where EVERYONE gets the feeling that they're being watched.

    There are stories on-line about cast members of the Disney haunted mansions in California and Florida seeing things that they couldn't explain and these buildings are fairly recent structures. Are these shadows and strange sounds the result of overactive imaginations fueled by the props and scenery, or, like ducks attracted to a decoy, could wandering spirits be drawn to the sounds and energy of a haunted attraction? (Stop and consider for a moment that we're located just a block and a half down the street from two of the larger, older cemetaries in town...)


    Warren Vanderdark;
    Owner & Head Mortician,
    The Baxter Avenue Morgue,

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    "We all go a little mad sometimes..."

    - Norman Bates

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