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Thread: Planning For my First Pro Haunt...

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  1. o and driving 700 mi to get there 
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    Jan 2009
    Wichita Fall's,TX
    going to have fun, cant wait to see the darkness, lights on , lights off, hey larry do i need to bring an extra pair of shorts? LOL

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    Dec 2008
    Attending TW is great place to learn, find people that have done this and if they have the time to share, let them talk...

    We'd love to have you out here for our show too.

    Ed Roberts

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    Mar 2010
    Hi! I don't know what your finances are, or what you've already planned. But one thing that has worked amazing for the first year of my haunt was to find a charity or local organization that has land you could use to put the haunt on. I was lucky to be able to get involved with a trolley museum, so we had a creepy old trolley bring in our customers and it would stop in the middle of nowhere and they got off and went through a fairly long trail in the woods, very spooky setting and best of all, it was free! Check with your local landtrusts, or if you are planning to use (and I HIGHLY suggest it) a charity as a "beneficiary" of the haunt proceeds (even if it's just a small percentage) get a letter from them saying you are legit, and see if any places for rent or on the market would let you use their location, and in exchange they could get a tax deduction for the dollar ammount that they would have made if you paid for it. I am assuming you cannot go "pro" at your house, so location is a big decision, besides, most fire codes won't let you have a commercialized haunt at your house. Also make sure you don't make any enemies with them, if it's outside the rules are much more lenient, indoors, EVERYTHING has to be fire-proofed.

    I hope that helped! Keep asking questions, the people on these forums, myself included, love to help new guys out! (Heck, I'm still new myself, even though I've done a ton of home haunts and worked with other haunts in my area LOL)

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    Feb 2011
    I ordered the book a few days ago and I'm anxious to read it. We decided in September 2010 to target Halloween 2011 for our first haunted attraction. Anybody out there on your 2nd year? We are entering into a lease agreement with a land owner near by, and I'm looking for a sample lease. If you have one I'd greatly appreciate a PM so I can put something together without spending too much on an attorney. We are scrutinizing every penny, trying to get everything for free/cheap that we might otherwise pay for.

    Haunted Forest at Panic Point

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