Innovative Haunted Attraction seeks partner/location.

Professor Ghastly’s Haunted Theatre, is a stand alone “Séance” style attraction that uses mentalist skills, hypnotism and illusions to create an authentic Victorian era séance. This attraction is special in the fact that it does not use hydraulics, animatronics or high end props to create it’s atmosphere. The entire “show” is operated by two talented magicians, who borrow from the original Houdini style ghost shows of the 1900s. It can be set up and maintained in a 20ft by 20ft room and offers high end startles and surprises for it’s patrons. The owners and operators, Ron Cushman and Ricky Smith have over 25 years experience in the Haunted Attraction industry and have performed the séance in a year round location in Gallatin Tennessee from 2001 to 2002 to rave revues. They also operated in a permanent location in Goodlettsville Tennessee from 2003-2005 to high quantity crowds 6 days a week.

The “show” is 30 minutes and includes a preshow, a warm up and the actual séance itself, which culminates into the appearance of an actual apparition. They are now seeking a location in your area to present this show year round. They are searching for an attraction that is already based with tourism that would like to add this show to it’s attraction. They would provide the show, all props, sound system, lighting, advertising, seating, employees, ect in return for a space in which to place it. They will share 25% of all profit with the attraction owner in return for use of the space in which to house the show. You provide the space and we provide the show and we all share the profit. If you are interested in learning more please email under the heading of “Ghost Show” and one of the owners will contact you to set up a promotional meeting and send you more information on this exciting attraction that will add revenue to any permanent attraction such as fun parks, mini golf courses, game rooms ect. So if you own a tourist attraction and are looking for ways to boost your income, drop us a line. We looking forward to meeting you.