So I been circulating ideas in my head of how to recreate the light of lightning in a non expensive and simple way........first off I'm trying to wash my whole yard and front of house, so LEDs it would just take too many of them to wash yard and halogens are too yellow and respond slowly but I have a 800W and a 750W strobelight one with dmx the other with 1/4 jack and both have dimming capability. I want to know is there a lightning box out there that I can just plug into my strobe and it will sync with a thunder track. I mean one strobe looks like a strike so I can only imagine 2 with different flash patterns and such would look very realistic, I just find it weird no one has created a programed dmx box with lets say it was programed for 2 fixtures (2 strobes) and the cues for the programing would include dimming and different flash patterns so all you have to do is assign your 2 lights to a given dip switch number. Is there anything like this out there, I'm sure others have thought of this.