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Thread: One day only haunted help!

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  1. Default One day only haunted help! 
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    Mar 2010
    Hi Everyone;

    My name's Bobby and I've been working on a non-profit, one night, charity haunt to put at the Relay for Life at Southern CT State University. I don't have much as far as funding goes, and have been paying for almost everything out of pocket, which is getting difficult seeing as how I am still a senior in high school. I've been involved with three haunts, starting off as an actor years ago, and this past October I actually designed, and managed a haunt with a couple of my friends. I have never had to build walls before, or used any animatronics, I'm the believer of using actors as much as possible, last years haunt was held in a trail in the woods at a trolley museum to help raise money for them, so we didn't need walls because it was a pretty scary place in and of itself.

    That's where problems start with this haunt, it's going to be on a field, in an area well-lit, so not only do I have to build walls, but I have to be able to block out light. I am using a bunch of canopies to host the haunt in to block out light, but that's about as far as I've gotten. I also have the layout and the general set up for each rooms. There's a cannibal/voo-doo forest, a dungeon, a spider room, a body parts room, a drop portrait, and a doll room. Each room was already approved by the Relay for Life people, and made sure to offend nobody. But I HAVE to stick to that.

    So my question to you guys (and girls) are, what's the safest/securest/and cheapest way to constuct walls, what do think some good effects could be, and if you have any ideas. Plus, if anyone has any unwanted, broken, or otherwise un-needed props, scene setters, walls, effects, costumes, any donation is 100% tax deductible for the full price you paid for the items, so not only do you get rid of stuff just taking up space, but you also get a very nice tax deduction! Any donated items would stay with the haunt, and would be recylced again to be used in next years haunt, which hopefully, I will be able to find sponsors for in advance, so I can make it bigger and better. If you're interested in making a donation, feel free to PM me.

    Sorry for making this post so long (and maybe not in the right place), and for asking for donations, I'm pretty new to hauntworld and also REALLY nervous about making this haunt a success!


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    May 2009
    Dayton, Ohio
    Most haunt walls are made up of 2x4 stud frames with 1/4" - 3/8 sheeting. It can get pricey considering making up several rooms. However, i make some walls with 2x2 studs and foam sheeting, sprayed with stucco type concrete. 6 mil black plastic sheeting works too, 20x100 ft rolls run around 90 bucks at lowe's. U might think about a large tent also, however, in ohio anything over 1000 sq. ft. must be inspected by the fire marshal.

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