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Thread: Walls

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    Jul 2005
    Mother nature blew this thing over

    Oh do we have one of those stories. Scarlett, you still have the story of our "minor" wind damage?
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    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Beer and Beans and releasing that compressed gas can do that!

  3. Default Good advice fromt he members 
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    Hey, Everybody,

    Thanx for responding and offering your suggestions, advice and personal opinions/experiences.

    As a government regulatory official myself, I understand the need for a certain degree of "Big Brother" in order to prevent extreme situations but, I'm not one to take my job to the extreme as some of these other idiot inspectors do. In fact, I can be pretty reasonable with the business operators I inspect on full time job. They really don't mind seeing me on an annual basis. We have rules in place for a reason which most business operators understand. There's no need to create new ones on the fly.

    Another part of my background includes fire fighting. Although it's been 20+ years since being a nozzle nut, I still understand the concerns of some inspectors who just want haunters to do it right and safe. Unfortunately, there are inspectors in my line of work, as well as those who dictate policy for haunters, who tend to take things to the extreme just because they have a badge, a title and a little bit of authority that went to their heads.

    I don't mind playing by the rules and will do so no matter where I set up shop. The safer the haunt, the better off we all are but, there is a fine line between being safe and being totally rediculous. Moving the haunt somewhere else would not be cost effective especially since it's my first year. That's when the expense is probably the greatest. Once I get going, I'll just re-use a large portion of my supplies annually with some updates and remodels along the way. Not quite as costly as the initial setup. If relocating seems like a good option, I'll make the arrangements to do so. Until then, I'll be staying local until I get a couple of seasons under my belt in the field of pro haunting.


    "Follow the Bloody Brick Road to Nightmare Village"

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