Hey guys, I need some advice. I want to build my own house of mirrors for my home haunt this year, but don't want to pay an arm and a leg (although I do have plenty of those lying around lol). So I'm thinking plexiglass and mirror film and I want to have a few crystal clear pieces as well to help trick my neighbors.

Here's what I'm looking to find out:

What type of plexiglass should I purchase as it needs to be strong (people are always flying into walls in my haunts). I would like it to be the same strength used in the industry because I'm thinking of going professional within 3 years and don't want to have to rebuild.

Also, is it plexiglass I should be buying or is there something else I should get instead?

And finally, is the mirror film really the best way to create 2-way mirrors on a cheap budget, or is there another way?

Thanks to anyone that has a suggestion.