My first customers were three younger teenage girls..all wearing Too-toos"! You know, those short, straight-out lacey colorfull little ballerina-type things (that no one would ever wear to go out cutting firewood !)
The one had been here 5 times (from 45 miles away) and she said she was still "Scared to Death" to be here, sitting in my front room. Her two friends had never been here before and they were bouncing off the walls-scared (Or maybe it was the too-toos?)
Of course the main reason the 5-timer was back was to get to enjoy her friends screaming and jumping around the place, and they sure were!
I usually more personally enjoy the older, more intellectual crowd.. but these girls were a laugh a minute, I guess I needed that last night.
The groups that were here last night averaged a 40 mile cruise to arrive here, Savanna, Ill., Dixon, Ill.and Dubuque, Iowa.