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Thread: Midnight Manor build pictures

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    At the opposite end of the woods/shack, we're doing a small cemetery with a crypt entrance that you look into, which look into another scene which is the inside of the crypt. These pics don't look like much but will be real nice one everything is put together. The crypt is 2x4 frames with styrofoam skins.
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    Funeral Parlor Build on Manor update, painted and brick added tonight...
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    These are our asylum halls. Allen Hopps suggested using egg crate bedding, but I came into some carpet padding and thought I would give it a try. I've put 3 layers of padding on the hallway walls and we'll be attaching sheets soon to finish the look. We attached the walls by driving roofing nails with a blue cap through a 1"x1" piece of carpet, then into the wall. If you don't use carpet or a small piece of cardboard or something, the nails just tear the padding.
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    Scott was whipping us around tonight to get stuff done. More pics of the Funeral Parlor build in the Midnight Manor...
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    and more pics...almost complete...still want to add a few more touches...this is my first project in the Midnight Manor. Pretty much my first project in a professional haunt.
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    Impressive!! Can't wait to see the finished product.

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    More Funeral Parlor pictures from Midnight Manor. Been painting and moving stuff around. Put up a picture frame where I am going to put up a collage of old photos of people and families...on a weird side note....a stain on the ceiling that you can see in one of the pictures has formed for some odd reason. It's not a leak and we can't tell where it came from....its very odd.
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    two more, one of the picture frame...
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    Few more updates, added chair rail and some paint.:twisted:
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    Nameplate up, and start on picture wall...

    ...been staying pretty thirsty my friends and already running out of T-Nuts. Crazy.
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