I posted this in the trading forum, and now noticed that THIS forum is for new products or services so I am putting it here.

We all have seen the shirts with latex parts glued into them over the years, right ? You know, the ones with holes torn in the shirts and latex bullet hits glued to the shirt underneath.... or maybe cuts and wounds in the skin that make it look like the person wearing the shirt has been hurt or injured somehow ?

NOW YOU can have PERSONALIZED LATEX LOGOS to add to YOUR shirts ! Imagine a horror shirt with a hole torn and YOUR NAME or haunted attractions logo carved or burned into the skin of the person wearing the shirt !

Not only can we REPLICATE YOUR LOGO in latex, we can also add knife handles, faces, stitches, aliens or mutant growths.... Whatever you wish, the possibilities are endless !

Here are a few samples:

Rogues HOllow " burn" logo

Mr Bills Thrills " alien glow " logo

hauntedHouse.com "cut" logo

Atrox Factory " cut" logo

THIS MONTH this service is $135 which includes: sculpting your basic pre designed logo, mold making, and two finished sample castings. Extra castings start at $4 each with no minimum order.

All of the info is now on the TwistedTOybox.net website in the STORE under LATEX LOGOS.

To submit your logo or T- shirt insert idea email Chris Russell with an image of desired logo design. FLUGMI@comcast.net