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Thread: Moving Haunted Overload

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    Feb 2004
    Mexico, Missouri, United States
    Eric what safety precautions do you take when you make these gigantic monters. What if the wrong person saw this and tried to duplicate it and got hurt? Not sayin this will happen but its always a posibility. I dont think I personally would want to be 50 ft in the air on a ladder tryin to put one of these things together. Just wondering. Hope you dont take any offense to me asking.
    Damon Carson

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    Sep 2003
    love the all natural look of your forboding monsters, damm, you rock big time, man!!!!!!! how original !!!!! anybody can buy a prop, but this?????? unreal !!!!!!! hope your crowds are HUGE ! you and your crew deserve it !!!!!! continue to have a great season !!!!!

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    Jan 2010
    What type of lighting do you use in your pumkins

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    May 2006
    Exeter, New Hampshire, United States
    Wow, I can't believe this thread has been brought back from so long ago. The haunt is so much more built up now.

    Anyway, I have used different methods over the years depending on the size and or my budget at the time. For small ones I have used night lights with a chicken wire cage around them and a plastic bag spray painted yellow or orange. Since our attraction is outdoors the bag keeps the water out and the paint gives the light a nice color. Just make sure the kind of nightlight doesn't get too hot.

    For big pumpkins I have used a flouresent 100 watt bulb with yellow or and or orange gel material over it to give it a deep colored glow.

    Hope this helps,


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