As some of you may know, just before Transworld I received some devastating news. Through no fault of their own the farm Haunted Overload is located on can no longer host the event. I was bumming because we were just hitting our stride at that location and there were some awesome plans in the works for this year. Anyway, I walked around in a daze for about a day or two trying to figure out what to do this late in the season. I started searching the Internet and found a 120 acre apple orchard just a few miles down the same road. I didn't even know it existed before. I fired off an email proposal and hoped for the best.

To make a long story short we are now full steam ahead moving down the road to one of the creepiest patches of woods I have ever seen. This road in the photos below is only a small part of it. Once we get all our giant props and sets in there the lighting possibilities will be insane. I'm really looking forward to this new location because the haunt will look completely different. I will be able to be very creative in the way we build our sets in these woods and the scare factor will definitely be turned up a few notches in there. There is a clear patch on the outside for the biggest props and queue line to be set up.

Here are a few photos of the very start of the take down and moving of the first hillbilly shed. The old haunt looks like a bomb hit it as it gets dismantled.

My posting may be sporadic this season as I will have my hands full trying to kick some ass on this project. I'll post our progress as much as I can. I'm looking forward to watching Shane's progress as well so I'll try to keep up, lol.

Good luck to everyone this season, it will be tons of work but an awesome and much more scary set up when it's done.