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Thread: Moving Haunted Overload

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    May 2006
    Exeter, New Hampshire, United States
    It's awesome what you can make with a pile of junk, lol! Another shed being worked on.

    The start of some huge stick figures. The poses for each one are important. They will be covered in branches and vines.

    That is a 12 foot step ladder so this one will be about 14 feet high when complete. It looks even taller because you are coming up the hill at it.

    This photo was taken last night. We built a new shed with an extreme leaning angle and on a hill. There is an incredible optical illusion if you lean in the other direction in the doorway it looks like you are defying gravity. This will be a fun effect to play with as far as characters and lighting.

    It was absolutely horrifying in those woods last night. I think many people might turn back this year, lol!


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    Mar 2010
    Appleton, WI
    That last picture is SICK Eric! Wow. I cant even figure it out here. LOL

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    Jun 2008
    Building the "Crazy Cabin" is so much fun.

    Inspired by fine 'Mystery Spots' everywhere.

    Can't wait to finish it Eric! Too bad it's raining today.

    You are right...It WAS absolutely horrifying in those woods last night!
    Especially with all those creepy stuffed animals lurking about

    Attached Images

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    Feb 2010
    SE Wisconsin
    Its funny, I was showing my wife pics of the haunt location and what you had already accomplished and the look of horror that was on her face was priceless! Her reply to the pics also brought a smile to my face, as it should for you. And I quote, " there is no way in hell that you would catch me helping there. Even during the day!" LOL I really think you got a #1 Haunt location this year! I might even fly out to see it since i have many friends in the Manchester area. Keep the pictures coming!

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    May 2006
    Exeter, New Hampshire, United States
    Here are a few more photos. I start my new job Tuesday so I might not have time to post for a while. It is 2 hour drive each way. I'll be staying in a hotel a few nights a week up there.

    It rained all weekend but we still managed to get the new crooked shed looking good. In person, looking at it head on makes you dizzy because of the angles. Hard to tell from the photo but it's weird. Still more detailing to go but it's looking cool I think. I may have a swinging light at the peak to make it even more crazy looking.

    On to bigger projects soon. I had to redesign the entrance way so as not to have patrons walking across conservation easement land. The commission came around and didn't want us walking on that grass. The new design will actually be cool because the main facade will be on that creepy road inside the woods.

    Meeting with the fire marshal tomorrow to go over the new design.

    Wally running the auger. That thing really gets a workout. When it hits a root it about breaks you in half if you don't brace it against your leg.

    Shed not finished and me trying to lean like Tom did creating a weird effect.

    A little more done.

    Almost finished. Check out the boards in the back. I may back light it so the beams of light come through the cracks. We'll see.

  6. Default Eric 
    My friend that looks all to fun! Shane and its way to go! Shane this time!

  7. Default best thread ever 
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    Feb 2008
    i must get on here more...
    i just opened the last page for the first time and went back and looked over it all...Its the best read i have had for a long time..
    congratulations on everything
    and Hats off to ya Eric
    i believe we have got more then a few things in common...
    Honestly...If i could
    i would come up n give ya a hand..
    in order to see the orchestra ...you must turn your back on the crowd...


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    Jun 2005
    At The End Of A Long Forgotten Trail in Melrose, Fl.
    WOW just WOW, very cool and it is still only June, I can just imagine what it will look like come Oct. Post when you can because it looks great.
    Giving People The Chills Since 2005


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    Nov 2009
    Lafayette, CO
    I've always seen pics of your haunt and been just amazed.

    Now my jaw is dropped even more even with daytime pics.
    Great job! I wish I had he time to fly up there this fall. Maybe next year.
    *Sigh*I can't wait til' October

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    Feb 2010
    Jacksonville, FL
    Best of luck with the new location and the new job Eric! Like Strelak said earlier, things happen for a reason...looking forward to seeing more of the progress my friend!

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