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View Poll Results: How many minutes should a haunted house last?

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Thread: How many minutes should a haunted house last?

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    Nov 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by austind View Post
    Larry just as a note a average person walks at a 4 MPH rate that would = 15 min mile and the the world record haunt right now is a little over 2600 feet long. but a person in a haunt walks below a 2 MPH pace, and yes i did check this with a pedometer.
    You're right, austind.

    4 MPH is actually a pretty quick walk. Probably about the pace someone in an airport would walk if he were worried about getting to his gate on time. Try 4 MPH on a treadmill. As you said, at 4 MPH, it would take 15 minutes to go a mile (5,280 feet).

    6 MPH is a jog. At 6 MPH it would take you 10 minutes to go 5,280 feet. A lot of recreational 5K runners take 30 minutes to run a 5K (3.1 miles) which is about 6 MPH.

    I would believe 2 MPH as a pace through a haunt (even lower if you really look around). At 2 MPH it would take 30 minutes to walk a mile.
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    There isn't hardly any haunts in America that are over 5000 linear square feet no way...

    Here is the reality 98% of every haunted house in America is less than 10 to 12 minutes and you can take that to the bank!

    Most haunt owners out there say it takes 30 minutes, 45 minutes, an hour whatever... we all know as haunt owners we embellish the truth on just about everything.

    So we can't take what we read on haunts websites as reality you have to go there, whip out a stop watch and walk thru... but you'll come up with different times depending on when you go!

    For example if you go on a SLOW night I bet you get thru a haunt 40% faster than on a Saturday getting stuck behind scared people who will not MOVE... so if that happens the time in a haunt can take double the time.

    But honestly I think when we talk shop here we should be talking the truth, how long does it take to experience your haunt with no one in line start to finish.

    Most haunts less than 15 minutes TOPS! You go to Universal or say Knotts they won't have a haunt that will take more than 5 to 8 minutes each, and most haunts in the country aren't much bigger or only slightly bigger than the biggest single haunt at Universal. Yes there are many HUGE haunts, the Darkness is over 30,000 square feet, and if I made an honest guess hmmm... 20 minutes tops. Then you have some place like Creepyworld and yes we are telling the truth when we say it will take over an hour to get thru the place with que lines, haunts, and everything yeah an hour but that is a rare bird.


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    West Michigan
    Quote Originally Posted by Joedog View Post
    My favorite line when asked "How long does it take to go through?"
    In a dead pan serious look I say "How fast can you run?"
    I like this answer! We've answered the same question occasionally with "We're not really sure. There's still a few people we haven't found."
    Chad Portenga

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    Jan 2015
    There are a lot of ways to make your haunt last longer we use lines between attractions to enhance the experience. In the lines we have actors and stage shows so the experience really seems bigger and better. I personally don't feel its about how long your haunt is but while they are there do they actually experience a show in the haunt or out.

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