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Thread: SCREAMWORKS - Lynton V Harris responds

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  1. Default SCREAMWORKS - Lynton V Harris responds 
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    Jan 2004
    New York*Hollywood*Sydney*London
    We rarely choose to post on these boards, however we do remain active readers of interest.
    Larry had bought the Screamworks situation to my attention back in October, and as such, I immediately contacted them to cease using 'from the Creator of Madison SCARE Garden', and to ascertain who was promoting themselves as such.
    With regard to Leonard Pickel, or any of our 'vendors' back then, it was made very clear, legally, of the correct titleage to use...I think it was something like 'Official Vendor'.
    I also emailed Norton's Auctions and received no response, and as such, if we prove that we have lost any business to to this defamortory association to this project, and the sale of such, we will seek legal action for damages.
    We are already aware of potential client (from IAAPA) that thought they would go to that auction and obtain 'our work' cheap.
    We had absolutely nothing wahtsoever to do with SCREAMWORKS and as the Creator of Madison SCARE Garden, I am personally and proffessionally offended at this notion.
    Since Madison SCARE Garden we have gone on to create world class haunted attractions worldwide, and our list of credits past and present are second to none.
    I want to thank Larry and Rich Hanf for pointing out that this in fact was not our project...they both know how I felt after the first year of Madison SCARE Garden.

    The only other thing is to advise Larry that Madison SCARE Garden was not a flop per se. Madison SCARE Garden was my first show in America, and my first 'haunt', and as such, I remain extremely proud of that audacious challenge today, regardless of how much money we lost. It was a fantastic creative success, with four years of growth in ticket sales & revenue, attendance, and sponsorship . It fuelled our reputation and success worldwide. It suffered from the Union environment in NYC period. Nothing else. Madison SCARE Garden was a great idea that worked, and the audience loved it. Now some ten years on, we have learnt how to deal with the union issues, and do not be surprised if you see that stadium/arena haunted show resurface on a world tour. Hell, we might even stop back in NYC!

    For the past 8 years we have essentially built all our new attractions in-house, and have an incredible slate of exciting projects in 2007.

    Please check out our website.

    Lynton V Harris
    Chairman & CEO
    The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company
    New York*Hollywood*Sydney*London
    nightmares Dreamworld www.dreamworld.com.au
    NIGHTMARES - Philadelphia www.nightmaresX.com
    Universal Studios Monsters ALIVE! - Las Vegas
    Madison SCARE Garden - New York
    The FRIGHT House - Washington DC
    The Mummy LIVE! - New York
    The Mummy Returns LIVE! - Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia
    The Scorpion King LIVE! - Hong Kong
    The Van Helsing Experience LIVE! - New York, Philadelphia
    Lara Croft:Tomb Raider LIVE! - Australia
    Warwick Ghosts ALIVE! - Warwick Castle, UK
    Serial Killers LIVE! - London
    SCREAM! - Amsterdam
    The Chamber of Horrors LIVE! - London, New York, Amsterdam, Las Vegas
    Madame Tussauds Shanghai (May 2007)
    Lynton V Harris



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    Dec 2003
    Gotta love the union!!! They make the world turn, it's their way or no way!

    Sorry i deal with these idiots on an everyday basis, i know your pain!

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    Mar 2005
    Philadelphia, PA
    Hey mate, good to hear from you. Will we be seeing you in Chicago this week?

    Brett Bertolino
    Terror Behind the Walls
    Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site, Inc.

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