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Thread: New Sinister Scents products

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  1. Default yes 
    Scar, i often think of things we can use the scents for.....but I don't have enough time in the day to push the product like we should.

    Day Spa
    places for kids party
    jump things for the kids

    Just pushing the stuff to one of these options would be a year round gig.

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    Aug 2003
    For sheer nose hair burning, eye watering, smack-you-upside the face odor, one would be hard-pressed to top fairly fresh roadkill skunk. If you didn't know better, you'd think the little buggers lived on a diet of burning bicycle tires and rotten eggs...
    "We all go a little mad sometimes..."

    - Norman Bates

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    May 2006
    Hey Ken - is the new scent "Moon Pie"? :lol:

  4. Default Funny 
    Really funny there gridbug!!

    I had to give the last bunch away to the crew
    If i ate all the ones Joedog sent...i would be VERY LARGE

    They are good though!


    It isn't a scent that is new (although we do have a few that I don't even like) it is a new product that smells!

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    Feb 2004
    Tennessee *Hellbilly Hills*
    Cooooool can't wait to see errr smell it tomorrow! :shock:

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    Jun 2006
    Cincinnati Ohio
    Very nice although the scent air blaster was a little expensive. I think I will make my own. You will here frome me soon.
    5 years in the business and still ticking
    Ive been through HELL on Earth. What can you do?

  7. Default HA 
    Well you can make it cheaper if you would like to.......
    We don't make much on them anyways.

    Just like the fans that we had at the booth..we tell you to buy them at Menards Lowes and Menards.

    You can buy a car anywhere.....we just sell the gas that goes in it!
    And it smells!

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