Dan first found my house when he was 12, returned many times since then, worked for me a few October seasons. Last night he showed my house to his girlfriend, they had alot of fun here, many things were new since he was last here two years ago.
Then he told me about possibly the second time he was here:"The tour was ruined because your one employee got into a fight with a customer (who may have been drunk?)
Then the tour was drastically shortend....
On the one hand that employee was being very protective of the house and things, but going "Ballistic" is no good either. I guess his "chain" was too long?
Growling is OK, threatening to bite is not.
Especially if you threaten with your teeth on the customer's bare skin!
Creating good and pleasant to happy experiences , therefore memories of the same ilk is Very condusive to having a successfull business undertaking because the happy patrons will blabber, doing a large amount of free advertising and return bringing you more patrons to be impressed, creating a wonderfull cycle of success.