You have to have a certain amount of confidence and also ego to actually "act".
These ingrediants are not in large supply when canvassing the general populace I have read, heard and discovered personally.
This is unfortunate. I don't understand it, it helps So Much in life to have alittle extra added calmness to really be able to actively think on one's "feet" in any social, business, or entertainment situation. Being timid doesn't do this, usually.
When ego gets out of control, floating away from the commonly agreed upon reality of words and actions passing between people, then problems start. Maybe it's because the audience (of even just "one") feels distanced by too much bombast, ego, which translates into being more overly concerned with ones self, one's own words, ideas, ignoring there are others within range.
I try to fuel my ego-rewards by watching those faces, listening for their reactions, laughter, gasps, screams, hopefully in reverse order with the laugh resetting their emotions.
What do I and my ego like to do best?
Set them up with the voice, acting, goofy ideas, then scare them or make them laugh with an object or a concept so simple, simple-minded, cheap, common that they have to my ego then might feed itself with the old lie that I must be smarter than you are because I scared you, made you laugh, or made you believe what I have been saying?
I sure know one thing, it is very addictive to see people almost every night of the year and get to have these types of interactions with people.
Does it get boring?
No. As long as you live you will never will have ever seen or heard it all when you are dealing with human beings.
Of course having enough ego to allow you to do or say almost anything to ellict that reaction helps too.
There are and always will be personal limits (to stay out of jail) and never give out the home phone number of your psychiatrist!