A guy said he was bringing his "children" to my house last night around 7.(phone call)
Another caller said he has been coming here for many years and he was brining a friend.
The "Dad" turned out to be the same age as his "sons"??
The one bringing a friend brought a friend.
I finished the front room routine when the doorbell rang again..two young women who had only been here during the October crush,"Your tour will be different tonight because it's not October."
I warned them (or was that teasing?) Since I just finished the front room routine I was going to make a loop-tour for the girls making the first room their last room so the 3 guys wouldn't have to sit through the first room again.
"We don't mind, we really liked the routine, we aren't in a hurry, we Want to hear it all again!"
What a compliment! (Oh course two of them (the "sons") were new to The Ravens Grin.
Then the other caller showed up with his friend.
As we got moving through the house there was a hysterical and unanticipated series of incredibly quick, vulgar swearing incidents (the two girls? No.)
It was the guy who has driven 100 m iles to get here who has been coming here since he was a little child!?? The guy he brought was pretty cool about it all. Anyone would Never have guessed the quick, loud, vulgar swearing was coming from the "old hand', long time visitor to this house.
I was laughing out loud even though I was trying to hold it back!
("Here we go again...Shhh! He's going to scream-swear again when I do "THIS!" )
"GOD$&**!#@$%@ FU^%*$*@ SONOFA#%#&^*%$@!!!!"
(And it was amazing because he said All of those words So Fast and ennunciated them very well at the same time! And he really didnot repeat the same exact phrases either!
Everyone has Some Talent!!