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Thread: Minions Web 2010 LED Bulb Pre-Ordering Sale Ends 5/31/2010

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  1. Exclamation Minions Web 2010 LED Bulb Pre-Ordering Sale Ends 5/31/2010 
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    A friendly reminder:
    Minions Web 2010 LED Bulb Pre-Order Sales Ends 5/31

    Just a reminder to that the pre-order special on our 5th generation Ultrabright all weather 110vAC LED bulbs:
    wide band UV 375-410 nm, 380nm UV, blacklight purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, warm white, cool white, and infrared
    will end on Monday May 31st 11:59pm Eastern time

    We anticipate pre-order items ship date approximately 8/15/2010.

    New this year:
    1) Ultrabright 18 LED 12v AC/DC MR16 Bipin 50 degree spot light bulbs.
    They come in 8 colors and are brighter than bulbs with 2x the LEDs.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    For those who want to know, yes we do group buy orders.

    You can combined same tier prices in different colors to meet the price bracket discounts as well.
    We will apply combined tiered pricing after the order is processed.

    Pre-order information can be reviewed here:

    AC LED bulbs can be found here:

    12V LED Bulbs can be found here:

    Minions Web is a Light Alive certified dealer

    We are happy to announce that we have paved the way to providing you with integrated lighting and effects solutions by partnering with Lights Alive.

    Minions Web will now offer the complete Light Alive Controller series:
    Firefly Lightning Effects Controller line, the Mantis Prop/Scene Controller line, and the Chameleon Synchronized Sound to Light Controller line, MonsterEyes, miniFLICKER, Chameleon Controller, Chase Sequencer, and Mantis Remote Sensors and Triggers.

    FireFly is lightning years ahead of the competition.

    With the advent of FireFly, a new standard has been set by which all other lightning simulators will be judged.
    This all new family of products, engineered and manufactured in the U.S., is designed to operate with state of the art high intensity LED lamps.

    With its unparalleled 3,000 watt power rating, FireFly will also support conventional incandescent or halogen bulbs as well.

    Built for professional haunted houses, theater and night clubs, yet affordable enough for home haunters, FireFly provides the most realistic lightning effect available anywhere at any price.

    The Mantis family takes controllers to a whole new level with huge list of features.

    A digital event timer that uses rotary (analog) controls to quickly set an otherwise all digital device.

    Those controls consist of a PRE DELAY to adjust the amount of time between when a trigger is received and when the action takes place.
    The EVENT TIME control determines how long an event (prop jumping, light lighting, fogger fogging, etc) takes place.
    The POST DELAY determines the amount of time before the device can be triggered again.

    Unique to the Mantis family of products is our Lights Alive Direct Connect.
    Connection between any Mantis controller and any Mantis sensor or trigger is as simple as plugging in cable.
    No electronics knowledge is needed and no configuration is required.
    Click, click, done! It's that easy.

    The LADC connection supplies power to the sensor in addition to the trigger circuit.
    These is a link light to confirm communication between the Mantis controller and Mantis sensors or triggers.
    In addition to the modular LADC connection, screw terminals are provided to accommodate third-party triggers.

    CHAMELEON does for synchronized lighting what FireFly did for lightning simulation.
    There is nothing like it!
    It synchronizes your music to lights in real time without the need for.

    Chameleon is a highly intelligent (microprocessor-based) lighting controller that synchronizes your music to lights in real time to create a professional light show without the need for expensive pre-programmed shows or costly and time-consuming custom programming.

    Just connect Chameleon to your audio source and to your lights, then start your favorite music playing and you have an instant synchronized light show.

    It can also be incorporated into your existing Light-O-Rama, D-lights, Vixen, or Animated Lighting system to add another level of dimension to your lighting display without creating elaborate sequences.
    Let it free up valuable channels that can be dedicated to other effects.
    It is an extremely cost effective and time saving solution.

    We are working hard to put the entire Lights Alive controller line on the website.
    Lights Alive products will begin shipping June 16th 2010.

    Look for other new product announcements in the near future.


    LED All weather 50-80 spot light bulbs
    Available in 7, 12, 18, 36, 50, 72, and 120 LED models
    More colors than the rainbow

    Minions Web / TenMen Productions Inc. LLC

    Minions Web
    3372 Mayfield Road
    Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

    P: 216 321 1199
    F: 216 321 1881
    See all MinionsWeb Original Cob Web Guns, Boomer Air Cannons and weather tight LED Light Bulbs at the MinionsWeb.com online store

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    Good to have you on board, Corey!

    Lights Alive

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