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Thread: The exorcist Girl animated, pneumatic pop-up prop

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  1. Default The exorcist Girl animated, pneumatic pop-up prop 
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    Mar 2010

    the demon girl is connected to a bimba pneumatic cylinder and steel made frame... she pops up out of a 5 gallon bucket...

    Great price 189.99 plus shipping of 25.00 packed well and shipped ups.

    watch the whole video.

    comes with dirty, bloody bucket.but with a white shirt with blood on it.. she is painted the same...thanks

    The Demon girl shoots up and ...really scares people!!! You just need to hook her up to your own 3, 4 or 5 way valve that you can on eBay real cheap (20.00-40.00) and add your own air supply...(she is all ready to go just ad those things...) i will include some instructions on hooking her up cheap to hooking him up more pro, there are many ways you can set her up.to work.. Plus the instructions tell you how to hook her up to a low cost motion detector.

    Note: : We do not use cheap door screen parts you can really hurt someone with cheap parts that can break and fly off .. this item is well built and pro built...

    The demon girl is thick fiberglass and built on a steel frame.... this item will last u many years to scare the hell out of people at your party's or the little trick or treaters that Dare come to your door...

    The pneumatic cylinder is fastened to a steel frame...very well built...cool paint job and fresh blood look

    after u get this item if you need any help call us or email us for help...

    buyer use at your own risk... or if you give someone a heart attack don't sue me....

    Your demon girl is ready to ship, shipping is 25.00 give or take a few dollars from where you live...

    pay with paypal we ship fast... emailme at iamscared2009@yahoo.com

  2. Default The exorcist Girl animated, pneumatic pop-up prop 
    Join Date
    Mar 2010
    we have 2 of them left, great for a home haunt or your haunted house... email us if you want one at iamscared2009@yahoo.com thanks jay and yen

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